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Could we start getting some advanced notification of when things like forced server restarts... or locking an entire server... are about to happen?

Just yesterday, I lost a lot of my gear as I was in the process of transferring gear from a ruined vehicle due to a glitch, when the server was fixed with no warning in-game that I might want to take what I want to keep out of the vehicle... even a "Server will be restarted in 5 minutes" message in-game could have avoided this.

Now... with server 2 being locked... also with no warning...

Please just give people some notification and prep time so they can take measures to not get completely dicked over by upcoming changes.

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It's not like I'm pissed, or lost much.  It's more of an "Ughhh.... seriously?"  Like we couldn't even get a day or two of notification?

Was in the middle of some RP with the Messengers that was just getting interesting, then everything went down, completely shut down the RP, server finally comes up and cant get back in.  No chance to go retrieve my stored ammo box of blessings, lost my introduction to the messengers RP that I was looking forward to seeing how it played out... 

Not really a gear person, so idc overly much, but some notification in advance would have made the change so much easier and I wouldn't be having to run around trying to re-acquire items important to my character's RP that should have still been easily accessible.

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Are you sure it wasn't the server just crashing yesterday? We usually don't do manual restarts out of nowhere as long as the server is up. Also S2 is not locked.

It was't locked, then I locked it, but then I got an idea, so I changed the map, but then we didn't have things, so I changed the map back and then I unlocked it.

So we're back to original state, all within 2 hours 😄

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Appreciated.  I did jump the gun after it being locked last night, then the first things I saw this morning being the post in discord about potential map change, then saw your post in "Regarding the server split".  I've already dexa-sprinted back to my mini-storage and grabbed most of my important stuff back to my character 😛

As to the first server restart, it was yesterday morning when apparently people were unable to connect due to "bad version", and the only people on were people who had started playing before the update dropped.  I was unaware that people were having issues connecting, so my first notice was when I was in the middle of moving gear around between car and crates when suddenly "You were kicked".

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