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Linking Discord Server

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Hello everyone.

After a number of helpdesk conversations, I'm making this guide for those that search the forums first.


This brief guide is for you if you are experiencing the below issues:

  • I want to link my Discord for the first time. (Skip Unlinking step)
  • I want to relink my Discord because I joined with the wrong one.
  • I don't have my roles on Discord anymore/or I upgraded my premium and Discord doesn't show it yet. ((IF you are trying to get premium you may need to get kicked from Discord by staff)
  • I got banned from the Discord server and I can't join it again because I am already on it.



Check to see if your discord is already linked. (Skip this if you've never linked it before).

Log in on the forum.

Click on your name at the top right.

Click on Account Settings.



Click on 'Discord'.

You will see your current login, if you have one, as well as the 'Sign Out' button.



Click the sign out button. This unlinks you.




Go to www.discord.com and make sure you are logged into the account you want to use.

Go to www.dayzrp.com, and login to your account.

Click the discord banner located by scrolling down on the homepage (or any page on the forum, for the most part). Link the account. You will now have the server in your discord.





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