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KOS in Vyshnoye (Possible Metagaming / Green Mountain)

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Server and location: S1: Vyshnoye / Green mountain

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:50

Your in game name: Stan Dahmer

Names of allies involved: @TheMcCafeMenu @Miles Benson

Name of suspect/s: Legion corp(?)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: 

I'm with a couple friends, running to our destination, when we spot a man. We had just run into a group we all dislike so we thought we should rob him for information. He immediately pulls his gun out as we start talking to him, assuming he didn't know we were there until he approached, so he had somehow contacted his friends, while holding down the ptt on the radio and while holding a gun. We hold him up and start heading to towards the forest near green mountain. Suddenly, @Miles Benson is shot in the head. Mind you, we had the man put his hands up and took his radio, making it impossible to make radio contact. (Them finding us is possible through him telling them beforehand but I'm still skeptical. Video evidence would help a lot from the opposing side). While we are taking fire, I decide to flee, (through a forest or two) as there are too many of them. @TheMcCafeMenu dies sometime as I am running. I end up at a barn and talk to someone who could have been with the Legion (Same type of accent, running the same direction) and I talk to him in the barn for a while as I watch the door with my gun. He says he has to leave and I run off. I make my way through more woods, turning corners and such so It's very hard to track me. I get water in Vyshnoye and head inside a building to drink. I walk outside and seconds later I am shot down. (I assume it was legion but I'm not sure.) Mind you, I had changed a few clothing items and taken off my mask so I looked different. They ID'd me based on my color pallet if it was them, ignoring the fact that they had to positively find out my identity before shooting me. Regardless, if they somehow tracked me the whole way, they had many chances to shoot me in the back. 

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POV: @FknSnow, @TheMcCafeMenu, and I had spotted a man just east of Green Mountain, running in the forest. We follow him for a while, far behind, making sure he doesn't notice us. We manage to catch up, and as I approach him I shout to catch his attention. As I ptt he pulls his M4 out and turns, startled. We ask him if he needs anything and he replies no, so I walk behind him slowly. I pull my gun out and tell him to put his gun away and drop his radio. He complies quickly, using ptt often but never shouts to his radio, and had his hands up for 90% of the encounter. @TheMcCafeMenu finds that his radio doesn't even have a battery in it, yet I disregard that comment and tell him to keep his eyes peeled. We walk the man into the nearest tree line quickly, and as we enter it I am shot in the head. 

No video evidence unfortunately.

Edited by Miles Benson
Added no video evidence

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POV: We're heading back to cherno after another scrap when I'm run up on by 3 guys in the field, sketched out i pull my gun and begin to converse with them relaying everything i say to my boys on the radio, they initiate i double mic saying "okay putting my hands up" or something along those lines, we walk into the treeline closest to kozlovka where two of the hostiles get splattered.  I drop my hands and grab a radio to inform my guys what the clothing of the 3rd was and  they hunt him down finding him in vyshnoe where he's killed.


Really wouldn't be difficult to find me as I was maybe 100 metres away on a road from where they initially held me up.  No vid on my end cause my pc is garbo.

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Me and my boys just met some edgy guys at GM so we decide to get some of our boys around as we were in a car. Later on because of my shit driving skills
we crashed in Zeleno and decide to meet up with my boy scouts that were heading around Kazlovka. Shortly after my boy @Real VegasRP goes ''Okay yeah im puttin my hands up'' before cutting communicationme and my boy @NorwayRP decide to run towards kazlovka to try and rescue the young lad. However, before we could even get in view of the hostiles, my boy @Helix pulls up and blow out a few brains. I get eyes and decide to run towards my boy vegas. He then comes back on the radio and tell me and norway its the boys from GM, and that he ran towards New Paris. Me and norway do our classic bloodhound maneuvre and I see a guy the looks exactly like the guy from GM just past the north-eastern hay bale and I be like hmmm. I describe him over the radio to my boy scout vegas and he confirms it is him. I chase him through fire and flames and spot him again entering Vyshnoye. I wait up a bit so that my boy Norway can catch up and then we do a push for the blood that the bloodhounds were looking for. Norway steals my kill and I get pissy about it. That about it. 

No video evidence, my bad staff 😞

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Arri Graham POV: Met some sketchy dudes at GM following Oiram in a car, I ran to cover Oiram we speak shortly then leave. Oiram the flips the car, so we leave car to meet with Vegas in Kozlovka. As soon as we hit the town north-west of Kozlovka we hear "Ok i'm putting my hands up" Helix spots them escorting vegas from the south headed north, so Oiram and I attempt to cut them off. Unfortunately for them Helix brains two of them and the third guy ditches his friends and runs away so Oiram and I bloodhound him. Oiram spots him east of Pulkovo so we tail him all the way to Vyshnoe, we hold eyes on him as he sprints through the woods until Vyshnoe until he stops to drink from the well so I brain him knowing he had A. Initiated on Vegas, B. Ditched his homies and fled, and C. Would probably try to shoot me if I talked to him. So I did the same thing any careful man with defense rights would do, I brained him with my FAL.

No video

Edited by NorwayRP

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Me and Vegas the one you had hostage were both headed down to Cherno i was about 200 metres ahead of him in the town when he says some people are rolling up on him so i turn around he then says hes putting his hands up so i run asap to get vision on him when i do you are just entering the tree line with a gun pointed at him i wait for your guy too slow down and take the shot then follow up on the second guy before scanning to see you running away in the tree line i tell my boys the direction and we spread out to give chase after a few minutes i had to eat IRL so i left south then norway says he sees someone at vyshnoye well describes you vegas identifies you and they kill you. No video here

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Connection Logs:

07:00:59 | Player "Stan Dahmer" is connected

07:03:41 | Player "Arri Graham" is connected
08:11:39 | Player "Arri Graham" has been disconnected
08:12:13 | Player "Arri Graham" is connected
08:19:56 | Player "Arri Graham" has been disconnected
08:32:12 | Player "Arri Graham" is connected
08:52:40 | Player "Arri Graham" has been disconnected

02:11:43 | Player "Miles Benson" is connected

04:09:16 | Player "Jordan Hudson" is connected

06:29:37 | Player "Kino Asamura" is connected
08:11:39 | Player "Kino Asamura" has been disconnected

06:30:08 | Player "Charlie Gray" is connected
08:11:39 | Player "Charlie Gray" has been disconnected
08:20:53 | Player "Charlie Gray" is connected

06:21:07 | Player "Mikael Belanger" is connected
08:11:32 | Player "Mikael Belanger" has been disconnected
08:12:26 | Player "Mikael Belanger" is connected


Hit Logs:

07:53:09 | Player "Stan Dahmer" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Arri Graham" into Torso(24) for 110 damage (Bullet_308Win) with FN-FAL from 80.0171 meters  
07:53:09 | Player "Stan Dahmer" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Arri Graham" into Lungs(49) for 110 damage (Bullet_308Win) with FN-FAL from 80.0171 meters 

07:37:52 | Player "Miles Benson" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Kino Asamura" into Torso(24) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 175.815 meters 
07:37:52 | Player "Miles Benson" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Kino Asamura" into Lungs(49) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 175.815 meters 
07:37:52 | Player "Miles Benson" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Kino Asamura" into RightArm(19) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 175.815 meters 

07:38:22 | Player "Jordan Hudson"[HP: 63.7] hit by Player "Kino Asamura" into LeftArm(21) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 198.941 meters 
07:38:22 | Player "Jordan Hudson"[HP: 27.4] hit by Player "Kino Asamura" into LeftArm(29) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 198.941 meters 
07:38:22 | Player "Jordan Hudson" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Kino Asamura" into Torso(25) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 198.941 meters 


Kill Logs:

07:37:52 | Player "Miles Benson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Kino Asamura" with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 175.815 meters 
07:38:22 | Player "Jordan Hudson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Kino Asamura" with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 198.941 meters 
07:53:09 | Player "Stan Dahmer" (DEAD) killed by Player "Arri Graham" with FN-FAL from 80.0171 meters


Chat Logs:

06:12:50 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //is he smoking actually?
06:12:55 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //he's dabbing
06:41:42 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //best rp ive had yet youre amazing <3
06:43:20 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //jalapeno doritos and a fruit smoothie.. nice  
06:43:26 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //not bad
06:48:28 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //alright my turn ill be back in 5
06:48:34 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //aight
06:52:03 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //quesedilla w tapatio
06:52:09 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //niceee
06:52:32 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //sloppy joe's tomorrow night *thumbs up*
06:52:42 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //sweet  
06:52:49 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //jack just crashed
06:52:55 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //nah a nap
06:52:59 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //same thing
06:53:01 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //"nap" lmao
06:53:23 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //he crashed as in he fell asleep
06:53:30 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //hehe
06:53:31 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //maybe burritos or a stir fry the next day
06:53:38 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //lol
06:54:01 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //quesadilla spicy?
06:54:40 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //helllllaaaa tapatio
06:54:43 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //too much
06:54:53 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //NO SUCH THING lmao
06:55:04 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //truee
06:57:41 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //idk about you, but when i have food in front of me i rush to eat it no matter what im doing lol
06:57:43 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //hold on im dying i need milk
06:57:46 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //srry
06:58:59 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //ok what was  that
06:59:24 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //idk about you, but when i have food in front of me i always rush to eat it no matter what im doing
06:59:37 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //same idgaf i need sustinance
07:00:15 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //my parents get mad at that tbh
07:00:39 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //once you turn 18 your parents respect you more trust me
07:00:50 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //oh yeah?
07:01:27 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //yea im almost 20 and my parents treat me like a human being at this point
07:03:39 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //he actually did
07:06:04 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //BOYS tinder date might come over soon
07:06:54 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //let us know if it's for sure or not ;)
07:06:56 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //i can barely remember what it feels like to get laid at this point
07:09:42 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //oh thank god
07:09:49 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //i was about to be so jealous
07:09:53 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //hmm?
07:10:04 | Chat("Miles Benson"): //if you left us for your tinder date
07:10:17 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //bro shes coming over tomorrow 
07:10:22 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //maybe tonight if im lucky
07:10:37 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //TheMcCafeMenu7838
07:11:30 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //u use tinder?
07:17:43 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //3:17 am sooo
07:17:46 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //maybe
07:17:53 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //if we can get there within the hour
07:17:56 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //How long are you staying on?
07:20:37 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //How long are you gonna be on?
07:20:45 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //can we get to black mountain within the hour?
07:20:48 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //No
07:20:57 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //how long..?
07:21:09 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //Maybe an hour an 5 or something. I'm slow
07:21:16 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //oh sure then
07:21:18 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //good enough
07:21:27 | Chat("Jordan Hudson"): //1 hour 5 mins?
07:21:31 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //about
07:45:01 | Chat("Stan Dahmer"): //fknsnow on the forums


Calling in to post PoV's:

@FknSnow | Stan Dahmer | POSTED
@Miles Benson | Miles Benson | POSTED
@Real VegasRP | Charlie Gray | POSTED
@OiramRP | Mikael Belanger | POSTED
@NorwayRP | Arri Graham | POSTED
@Helix | Kino Asamura | POSTED
@TheMcCafeMenu | Jordan Hudson | POSTED

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have
@TheMcCafeMenu @FknSnow @Miles Benson can you all please explain the amount of OOC chat that you all decided was needed on the server?

@NorwayRP why do you log off for 13 minutes before re-connecting? Roughly 3 minutes before your combat log timer expires?

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About the OOC: I replied very little to it, and even mentioned it at one point OOC in discord to Miles that he should relax on it, which he eventually did. It had little impact on RP and was ONLY done while the 3 of us were around each other. I'm sure after this report they will have learned to tone it down. 

Another note about the report: As stated by @Miles Benson, Vegas had no battery in his radio. Which would make it impossible to tell his friends he was putting his hands up. Regardless of that statement, and a suggestion for future reference, which is something that I'd consider; limiting or prohibiting the use discord all together. As most communications in discord on the server are OOC. And I'm personally guilty of this sometimes. Just using the radio is rarely how discord is used in game. But I'll save the rant for the suggestions board. 

Edit: (This is my personal opinion and is just more to the report. But I'd like to note a couple things.) We had their friend hostage, he could and should have been killed when they started shooting at us, which isn't what you should be doing in a hostage situation. They had the numbers to roll up on us and force us to let their friend go, pushing RP first and foremost, which they didn't. And if my friends tried to shoot as they came close, we would have been overwhelmed immediately. We had minimal options in this situation, they had the advantage and chose to push RP as a last resort. Secondly, my death in Vyshnoye. Again, RP wasn't the priority here. I was caught off guard with no gun out as I was running away. Holding me up and asking why I did what I did would be considered great RP but they decided to push violence. Which is not what I except from an RP server. Blatantly giving the excuse that their characters were afraid they'd get shot, etc.. Doesn't work. Because they risked their friends life immediately after killing Miles while we had fully automatic weapons aimed at his head. If not Meta Gaming, or anything else, BadRP. 

Edited by FknSnow
Added "Edit:"

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Jordan Hudson POV: 

We see a guy running along a road somewhere around Green Mountain, and decide to hold him up for information about a previous encounter we had. We decide to hold this guy up kind of close to Green Mountain in the woods, we IMMEDIATELY take both of his radios and frisk him, he has no batteries in either of his radios. He claims he doesn't have any buddies and there is some silence when we start asking him to move along in the woods. Finally, we approach a lone dirt road where his friend is already aiming down his rifle at us from about 150-200 meters away, and starts taking shots from the entire opposite side of the road. I tell the hostage to stay in the middle and to not move, @Miles Benson gets shot in the head and I hide behind a tree for cover. I peek around the tree and I get one-tapped.

As for the OOC we had no one around us at the time and Stan Dahmer was having problems with his game crashing, it was pretty late for us and RP was bland at the time, but it doesn't really justify that much OOC. 

Edited by TheMcCafeMenu
added info

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Note: I made a mistake when recapping what happened. We were not east of Green Mountain, we were east of Zelenegorsk, in between the town and Green Mountain in the hills. The dirt road connected to Drozhino is where we held him up (just North from Drozhino), I know this for sure as I respawned as a female character about 200m from the incident, literally IN the field where it happened. At that point I saw multiple men running down from Green Mountain to where the shootout had happened, and I started running south to try and respawn. If they heard their friend through his mic say "I'm putting my hands up,' that is completely understandable. What wouldn't make any sense would be that if they were to have started running in the direction of Koslovka they would have never found us, as we were farther north than they would have assumed we'd be. I don't like to pick and pry at peoples stories but this one doesn't add up to me completely.

About the OOC: I have no excuse. I agree with @TheMcCafeMenu, the RP was bland and it was just the three of us, at the time I didn't feel like it was doing any harm or taking away from any RP since we had just spend the last hour cooking a deer we caught near the gate to Green Mountain. However I understand this is not rule friendly and will take any punishment respectfully. Thanks.

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@VoodooWindows automatic updater kicked off and restarted my computer. I'm using windows 7 so the updater force closed all my programs and my computer to install the update. I logged back in as soon as I could to continue playing. Sorry about the inconvenience. 

If you check the logs it shows I Dc'd at 19:52 after midnight western time, my Windows 7 updater starts at midnight each night if updates are necessary or when my computer starts the next day. The timer starts 5 minutes after midnight when it is done loading the update and automatically restarts 15 minutes after that. As soon as I could I jumped back on DayZRP in order to continue the RP in Cherno and to finish my timer.

Edited by NorwayRP

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@Helix, @NorwayRP - Invalid Kill (On Sight) - Not Guilty

@Real VegasRP - Metagaming - Not Guilty

@FknSnow, @Miles Benson & @TheMcCafeMenu - Excessive OOC - Guilty


The staff team handling this report has come to the conclusion that any of the rule break accusation towards @Helix, @NorwayRP, @OiramRP & @Real VegasRP will be found not guilty.
@FknSnow & friends, when you guys initiate on someone they are still allowed to hotmic everything through VOIP and onto discord or teamspeak until their radio is taken or their hands are up. Your hostage in this situation had a sufficient of time to do so before his hands went up, furthermore his friends also knew the rough area of where he was and began searching for him. Everything here seems legit.

Now I would like to address the absolutely unacceptable amount of OOC Chatter we have found in the server logs. We are a realistic roleplaying community, any and all OOC Chat must only be used in absolute emergencies in order to not break immersion. It doesn't matter whether you thought you were alone and were just talking to each other over OOC, you can do that in discord or wherever you communicate with each other on. There is no reason to do this in game and we do not wish to see this again.

The Rules state the following


3.8 OOC communication should only be done through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication.

With the above said the following applies


@FknSnow, @Miles Benson & @TheMcCafeMenu - Excessive OOC - 2 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points

Signed by @Phoenix & @Voodoo with notes

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