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The Life and Times of Jordan Hudson - Jordan Hudson's Private Journal

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*This private journal belongs to Jordan Hudson, if found on dead character you may use this information IC* (feedback and praises are always appreciated on this thread :D)

It's been a long time since I've written in a journal. Almost a year, if I recall correctly. I get these.. bad thoughts, now; like I would be better off if I was dead. I'm too much of a pussy to actually do it, but I want it to happen on some days. Maggie and my unborn son were the only things that kept me going after the shit hit the fan, and I should've ended it when she got killed by that scumbag in the black ski mask. I hunted that fucker down for weeks and weeks, until I finally found him over in Myshkino by the summer camp, and boy.. the things I did to him are.. how you say.. unsavory. I gutted him like the dog he was, and I kept reviving him as I was doing it so he could see what I was actually doing to him. He beat her to death.. in front of me.. and I just watched, like a fucking coward. 

Day 769: Entry One.

I woke up today and got my fire going, as usual. I got myself a big-horned Ram that I'm quite proud of, a good 120lb one, maybe 80lbs of meat. I had to go into town today, the thing I've been trying to avoid ever since Gruber and his bullshit got a bullet in my shoulder, for the SECOND time. Robberies have been happening more frequently in the Bor region, it seems as though they're slowly moving north from that shithole Chernogorsk. They made this guy strip naked in the middle of an open field, and told him to get on the ground and tie himself up.. when he did, he was face-down, practically eating the damn dirt, they still shot him in the head.. they just killed him right then and there, like they were swatting away a fly. I found Trent Jäger in Zelenogorsk trapped inside the police station.. he couldn't even open the door because there were so many infected. I cleared them out with my Glock and he got out. He didn't know how to repay me, so I asked him to help me find a decent hunting rifle besides the piece of shit CZ rifle I had, he obliged and took me down to his stash in Chernogorsk where he gave me a Winchester hunting rifle, the holy grail of hunting rifles. I left without anyone noticing and came back to camp and cooked myself some of that ram I killed that morning.. the Chernarussian woman who made the spice rub sure did a hell of a job making it with just the right amount of zest, I guess. There were these weird radio broadcasts.. advertising about cannibals within the Green Mountain region and how they wanted fresh meat, and that they were willing to do whatever it takes, even if you kicked and screamed.. absolutely horrifying. I gotta track these fuckers down or something, they're out of control.


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