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The Journal of Davis Pavlovich

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Today was fairly okay. Been two or some odd years since the infection or whatever it is occurred. Dad's death still kinda hangs around in my head and I think about it quite a bit. I did kill him after all. Well, maybe it wasn't him, but I don't suppose God would discriminate between the two. All I can do now is repent for what I've done. Shame Elder Anderson wasn't here. He could give me a baptism or a blessing to ease my mind and heart. Camped out in some yellow two story house for right now. Kinda comfy. Mattresses aren't too banged up here so I guess I'll use them. Did find a pair of red and black boots that had that tacky "Anarchy" symbol over the laces. Didn't much like those, but I still tried them on. Too small... Suppose that would make sense though. Only dysfunctional kids would wear stuff like that. 
Woke up earlier than expected... Must've been around midnight when I heard the sound of THREE of those things outside the door. I took care of it by leading one inside at a time through the other door of the house. Worked pretty good. Glad I found this kitchen knife. Using the bat would've been hell inside this cramped house. I must've passed out right after that because I coulda sworn that it was the middle of the night and it was suddenly day. Must be my lack of sleep catching up to me. I have blacked out of nowhere before too though... Hopefully it doesn't happen again soon... Good news though, found some cows and bulls out by a farm. Seemed to be grazing freely and I doubt anyone is here to care for them. I took one of the bulls down quietly by jamming the knife into his jugular and letting him bleed out as he ran from me. Could've used dad's shotgun, but there were too many of the infected by me. Couldn't risk that. Anyways, I'm on the move again. Think I'm almost to Elektro. Can't really remember since I spent most of my time hiding out in the woods... To be continued...
08/19/19 Continued
Still can't help the feeling of dread when searching through these empty homes... Makes me imagine what they were like. Aside from depressing thoughts, I found a nice hunting jacket to wear. It's red too! A little baggy on me, but better to be a little big than too small. I keep finding water bottles around with a little bit of that "Venom" that dad used to call the remaining water inside. Lucky me I suppose. Still disinfected and used the chlorine tablets I had on them. *scribbled line* Just heard a shot to my..... east? Multiple shots... Gonna stay away from that for now. Sun's starting to come down. Might as well set up camp for now and cook that meat I got earlier. Found some potatoes too! Haven't had baked potatoes in a long while. 
The night's been pretty quiet. Got to cook all my food in piece and I've kinda oriented myself around. Once the sun came up I headed west. Found a broadcast station. Pretty nice place, but with all the military vehicles around it made me think it was a propaganda based station. Speaking of which, I found a book called 10 things a Chernarussian mother should know or something like that. Funny book. Super government heavy. Think I'm headed towards Stary. Starting to look familiar since dad would take me up here when I was younger before we left for the states.
Stary wasn't really too bad. It was pretty jam packed with those infected things though and I got rocked pretty good with a punch in the head. Hurt like hell, but I'm alright now. Must've been at least 20 or so that I had to put down... Suppose that's just how it is. Should've shot them instead of using my bat or the hatchet... SPEAKING OF WHICH, that frigging glock I found the other day has some sort of hair trigger to it because while I was stupidly studying it in the woods I nearly blew my damn hand off. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Good thing I was so far away from the populated areas... Woulda attracted more of the things to me. Either way... I found a map. Helps a bit with moving around since I have a tendency to get lost around here. Made my way up to Green Mountain as well! Found a couple of infected there but nothing I couldn't handle. I decided it would be a good spot to set up a fire and rest for a little while. Turns out I needed it more than I thought because as soon as I lied down I fell right to sleep. Woke up to the sound of an infected.. Seems one of them trapped themselves in that huge tower. Oh well, I'm on the move again. To be continued.

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I like this! Keep them comming

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Been a little bit since I've last written in this journal. Probably because it's been a little bit of an ordeal since the last one. Ran into about 6 or so of the infected at one time.. I managed to get away luckily but I lost a bit of my gear as well as a bit of blood during the attack. I've come back since then however. My trusty bat was sadly lost, but I'm making due with this axe I found while looking around. 

As for today, I found quite a bit of stuff! I found a larger magazine for dad's gun and a military backpack that holds a lot more than the other bag I was carrying. Good thing about this bag is that it has back support as well as straps to make it easier to hold more items, so I might be hanging on to this one for a while. Ran into a man after coming down from Green Mountain for the second time. Seemed like a good guy, but he looked like he was in a rush so we just talked a bit about the population in Cherno and about my hometown. He warned me about people living there, but it seemed fairly empty. Other than the infected of course. Heard many, many shots on my way there.... Hopefully it doesn't continue... I tripped and fell off some scaffolding that I was climbing on due to the sounds. Hurt like hell, but I'm alright. 

Still debating on going down to Cherno… I hear shots every time I near the place and I'm not exactly trained to fight people... But infected? I can fight them bare handed at this point. Animals? None I cannot hunt. People? Now that... that I can't do... Not only because my faith prevents me from harming others unless in dire need, but... it's my fear. My fear of hurting others... I think I'm going to have to think about this for a little while longer.

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