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Looking for reporters (open frequency)

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*Jan boots up the radioconsole of the new station for the first time and starts speaking*

Hello folks out there! This is Depressed Cowboy here broadcasting from Redwood Radio.
The only up and running radio station in South Zagoria.

We are looking for new reporters. There must be some people out there that have
done similar work in the past. Think of news reporters, detectives or just people that are always curious and up for joining the cause.

Let me know on this frequency if your interested....

*Jan stops the broadcast and shuts down the console again*

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*She Listens to the frequency* Seems like pretty interesting job - Might be looking for something to do to kill time... you have pretty smooth voice, like celebrity.
Definite Interest here, just give private frequency and we can talk there!. Don Veezh Dan Neh! 

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*Jan comes back to the station and listens to the frequency. He hears a woman talk and decides to respond*

Hello miss.... Didn't catch your name. Our private frequency is 102.2 Mhz.
Probably best to arrange some kind of meeting. 

If there is more people interested, please let me know.

*Jan stops the broadcast*

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