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Phoenix's new and improved quote wall

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looks great


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1 hour ago, Phoenix said:

Since the old quote wall was all over the place broken left right and center, I decided to make a fresh new thread and post the pictures manually so the links don't keep breaking 😄 



image.png.5005cf17d2f00dbd46492ea1ee619d82.png.bb4a04cf1ddb80db751a8b756a415d5d.png - @Ducky

"Mint condition. Never used. Just like my asshole" - @Watchman

6ce11933738e5a04fbb75208abc17ba5.png.ab2abaf7823b01f086464c68cdc2592b.png - @Voodoo

b58d5798c3d8c0d8e7133f4b770ceaab.png.ca1b5655bc33f1334049e7a535ecd25f.png - @Watchman

Watchman: "IM STUCK"
Me: "Stop getting your dick stuck"

4598a43e16caa649db821dc825b3e235.png.58c4e9f173af01034013d1267cef3d78.png.06ae69bc3235541c5b1cae97d789059c.png - @BrianM

3bb199ed18077de3d91d4aff66e0242c.png.cf64f44778c52a0d9a77b60be01e80cf.png - @Peril

"Do orthodontists turn you on?" - @Peril

e342681e3261077d8f023dbd1d4ddded.png.2bc1ca2468aac8d5c9dd5806a5ab038f.png - @Watchman

935abe113eb493b1cad49c70f08e6025.png.cb24677e3fb281d503b4af78655b08a6.png.e931868488b9f74e1f966dc68893a6f2.png - @Kerkkoh

7149bf7e6ad05f7d58adf783bd3f5ee5.png.b1e766e7dc9292d355c8c49522100bb6.png - @Watchman

4e97489d7182d91f28a9703e89053b44.png.c4cdedbfdad2f9fa26de178f73511b71.png - @Inferno453

17c09571b0bbb4f549d57b6db26d45e9.png.8067cd8dac24bcb76778249a14941e7e.png.0599fd3e8a7c7528b0937af801426cfb.png - @Zero

4a3076a7dfcbfb6fd99f2850f8b8f1db.png.df416f8b3eacf25b7d941bb31356d9bd.png.4e05b8c5d9334b743b65f632f535bb58.png - @Harvard

281dd4280bab14220e0d24a00c87f698.png.8ee20d2c496bb04354490e0d025b2c68.png.e7ac56f57fe71faaa072b009c16f5061.png - @DrMax

894244c3e4ff43807bae56b77d554873.png.e533d6ad83946a642a90070073aba962.png - @Inferno453

infinity_dick.png.1d9092110dafac08b42e99aba02d2956.png - @Watchman

72cd870d197e202f9267aca7fb8c91d5.png.8cb95274610bddf607e91c0b3f1515f8.png.ed9653098132f6647f1afcab86d6850f.png - @Zero @Voodoo @Pontiff

1671150747_d202b8aa74b8a180db3a06de09e328cf(1).png.7b02a53e04dce551bcc3c1ac3354f569.png.ee0e19e08e3fbeddb680c68cdd14fb68.png - @Watchman

cb2a5f72dd214bcbc209e8c30e8c2938.png.0f3f6c22a0be29b69f87bc67331a2eb0.png.4ce76f206675ea52ef162b53bf4ceed8.png - @Harvard

f2c128640d8814e04a4ea6cb8d0df1be.png.8e01311e5c722edf0252b33a7a59fe7c.png.8d656dcda6aa06db5b90f476eec6c862.png - @Zero


4686220a53e3918e842e790731d42aad.png.3e65b3fabcd058a69771e8d3ee0eff76.png - @Watchman

watchmalone: rhinoshouses
watchmalone: 9f0ifghjthera'ø
watchmalone: .,mxdfsgh
watchmalone: øæ

4ed6dec5549937028eb3e5ad25e288c8.png.7558ba2db255d97c38e1092d3c940523.png.abb844f4ad2430e657f5dbfe9a0b85b2.png - @BrianM

6b190bf065d681d43bb9589c79def847.png.10598240797840b84b3fd690d850a9f4.png.4a27bbf3e70ba7f1018dd10db0ea3a35.png - @Pontiff

1aa76b18477aa71e561d5f053cc6c9d4.png.abc282a6fedb43d2b21687d143b5a0ad.png.51f1d20ad5d4aa7cfa8de3c64e29ae25.png - @Voodoo


c1d64540991befc02dd0104bfa51a9e6.png.9ff026cf789bf37984a18e9522eb63b7.png.a44b41740fa5b5e581aeec71e88d7964.png - @Lori

ff9550e75fc2abe8f0954b4b084ad431.png.cbf774ac3f22bb5cfb48199d1200e160.png.5208702b03ee65c2dcc37f4372f0f610.png - @Voodoo

04252dac51d5a21014c85013467ee8e9.png.c7912ab48bab5976f6d60655850bd2a4.png.bb3088b4869ca8f88b6c8916346f296d.png - @StagsviewRB

3ee4976a67a2f5038fb4d257bf86ab8d.png.8377f943a58cf2f25695a983bfa3ea59.png.1022da1ee57927dbe2ef6d9a9c79fd36.png - @BrianM @Voodoo

c9ee838445e3cf3b23931c6860713444.png.c2f215032c0fb0c14a0334eb6dd5c3a2.png.2cf3a9aa7c7011e94d0e54076a1402f1.png - @DatBlueWolf

e40dbfffa53b156825fecccb89f2f6a5.png.de376fc8886f77cc76551749d42126a6.png.a15ce7b66cf7b22777c7fd223d6f0cef.png - @StagsviewRB

5b9d865d04a822c5d7523a53e60690f5.png.408899fd4643be7acd7f2e1df24c7a51.png.249a88fd1f0e5a98e863ad2866bd35ae.png - @StagsviewRB

ba9694ded56fa95577d48dc24c84b1d1.png.3e67deeaa470e7fb39bd973eb58d4140.png.24a6f110d29723361b0c3bf94125a299.png - @DatBlueWolf

54264f430dfc607f60fe8c430f5c8ae8.png.f54ed9511d6eb40f2a696c656d5db3f3.png.3b672ed38f2b88c0cf5a15806c58c3c0.png - @Voodoo

d4b75eca9d1c82a688afa4ec88d62428.png.46b5b12a2094fde23fc66700afba3b49.png.0aed219a9f9e203ee903426bb6d6c405.png - @Voodoo


a.png.4ca0ee58cbf7bfc2d2af22049825dc96.png - @Watchman

Desktop_Screenshot_2019_04.28_-_21_07_03_75.png.cb5e67c8c9724ee883fa318e89ae58d0.png We had a pet chicken, fyi - @Watchman

"My fecking cat keeps drooling when we cuddle, and then she decides to shake her head around, my face is now covered in cat drool" - @Limpan

c0d2dfb0764e288ed351f4efd99974df.png.609a77a01b2e38f711de1313460def2d.png - @Azu

"We gota restock poppy shes geting low on zuckini" - @Kattica

a2071c299b2c5fd9f9969416ad813dbc.png.93059190fd2702ba016c24a9bc6d8702.png - @AlanM @Voodoo

Luca: We hold classes every saturday at 10am for anyone who wants to learn how to get out of handcuffs when you and your partner are both handcuffed during sex
Poppy: That seems like the kinda class nobody wants to go to
Caleb: Well, a lot of Chedaki show up
@Kattica @Watchman

924935d79c5c3c4e9db60f8a021933ba-png.jpg.3656da5b55daef7c7a14ee08fe585111.jpg - @Voodoo @Watchman

Viggo "I slept in the same cabin as them last night"
Luca "Im sure a lot of ball cupping happened"
Caleb "It was the world cup"
@Derek Steel @Watchman

7381b0b903252efe955a9e0a7a7ce6b6.png.2181de5f4fc7d71caa05efa22c4eba8d.png - @Aisling

watching eurovision voting
me: why's russia 2nd they were trash
@Voodoo s dad: they have a lot of guns and nukes



@Watchman "Jo when are you going"
Me: "Yes"

1dcf71ddebb0db88d474861946509211.png.7e4c72d7a66b8f4e42210401e2adc90b.png The daily struggles of being the OG Phoenix 😞 

Talking about Norway, Sweden & Denmark
@AlanM "Aren't they all just the Netherlands tho?"


1511656230_ss(2017-04-12at02_32.03).png.79b07ea72a5f42af98d1a9f7331a650a.png@Buddy @Combat Logo


"Every girl is a little gay. They're like spaghetti, straight until wet" - @Tiviyl


"Kuba is on Utes right now fucking his wife producing more babies for the state" - @Major

"Map Knowledge: My map knowledge is good I have exploded most of the map" - Random Guy's Group Application

69a46afc643a9392de08812ce040c8da.png.02ad1760406a1c07df85b7b316ee191b.png - @Honeybee 

Screenshot_3.png.609f52cabd00bb57e11130fdd697bae0.png.b15110bd89945903322a657f9a91bfe9.png - @Roland

image.png.ac3e3a88883aac847973a44e6ef54fc1.png.3ad768c923c4f832193c8aca1c3e2050.png - @RogueSolace @Dirty Dan

"I nearly cut my dick off with my zipper" - Finn

*Winks and knows how badly she wants him* [ URL]//try[/ URL] harder - @Jaxon

"Grease my Nipples & call 'em Mustang & Sally" - @Tiviyl

1864053833_ss(2017-07-03at03_43.51).png.eb91b0b4eb6ca427adff09a2a07b274f.png - @Jsesse White


"It's surprising how you can sound like a fat kid" - @Sophie

"You're dealing with Ghosts here, We're dealing with real threats" - @Otter





d1bc2733db77f405a5b98cc93dc1b5fc.png.3b0c2d5273e971de6d35f64bcb316b4e.png - @Lori



f85d425bba8c0abe56e941468b411f3f.png.993c78317b16e91322b915dc912a5c67.png - @LoneStarrr @Lyca

JY6oYLJ.png.d91e3d32f48faf227e8149e3c0c0a586.png - @Kerkkoh

jCAaM6X.png.ca6ef04320f7fcdf724c5b77f84229bc.png - @Kerkkoh



f7cUwVp.png.7a5f71381c8246ce233db62d35229f1a.png - @LoneStarrr


Jeeeeeez this is comprehensive. Remember when my character found a snake in the corner of your bar and this buff Chernarussian Major whose hiked the peaks and killed Chedaki scum, fucked the most beautiful woman in Berezino, wrestled with bears, and beaten men to death with sticks turned into a little girl at the sight of a lil old snek.

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4 minutes ago, Major said:

Jeeeeeez this is comprehensive. Remember when my character found a snake in the corner of your bar and this buff Chernarussian Major whose hiked the peaks and killed Chedaki scum, fucked the most beautiful woman in Berezino, wrestled with bears, and beaten men to death with sticks turned into a little girl at the sight of a lil old snek.

Yes I do remember that 😄 Golden times. I wish the server was this interesting nowadays lmfao

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Very fresh memes, especially the 2016 Outrun quotes 😄 

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18 minutes ago, Kerkkoh said:

Very fresh memes, especially the 2016 Outrun quotes 😄 

Literally the best fucking time for shitty quote memes 😄 

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Finally, I am recognized. I’m a god damn artist and these are my master pieces. 

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2 hours ago, Honeybee said:


I miss you dude come back to rp 😞 

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/OP Updated with new stuff 😛 

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I feel violated

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4 minutes ago, Kusken said:

I feel violated

Seems like a you problem to me 😄 

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On 8/19/2019 at 1:51 PM, Phoenix said:


2dfa0af8a670b61d16e1f9e12303a39e.png.5af160e591eb3d7c0862e5b39508d8fc.png - @Hofer



Fake stop Photoshopping

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13 hours ago, Hofer said:

Fake stop Photoshopping

Not fake if it's fake 😉 

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I've been framed

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