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To the Wolfpack

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*A muffled voice would voice over the radio*

"I hope I have better luck on this frequency.. Wolfpack if you are there. We have never met but I'm doing this because I'm a nice guy.

Yesterday I met a small group of Chernarussian locals at a small camp. They were extremely nice giving little hints that they hate foreigners and during this conversation I overheard something about these locals wishing to fight the wolfpack. Sounded to me like they were trying to recruit Chernarussians from the camp to do their countries work or some shit.. well the camp seemed to have mixed feelings so maybe an ally if you needed it. Now as this is the world of apocalypse and capitalism I can give the location of this camp and names that I heard.. for a price ofcourse. Anyway thought id let you know so you can work out a plan, scavenge in greater numbers for protection and if you haven't done already build up defences in a nice place in this beautiful country.

How do I turn this thing off again?"

*James finally finds the button and the radio would then cut off and go silent*

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*Wongov presses down the PTT*

These Chernarussians are the same ones that want to get rid of everyone is who not from this country. They are not future government Kozlov is sitting comfortably and safe he is the real government. The ones you speak off Mr guy could be compared to those from the Nazi reign in Germany with how they go about things.  Chip wasn't killed by Wolfpack but a man who has no affiliation. Before you talk ill of people make sure you have your facts right. 

Chip Lonegan along with the Black Roses and a couple other groups launched attacks on the people of Polana and slaughtered civilians he was not innocent.

Mr man who first radioed, My name is Artyom Wongov with Legion Corporation if you're willing and find yourself down in Cherno come find me and maybe we can talk without ears listening in. 

If anyone else has problems with these Chernarussian trying to kill you and your friends come down to Cherno and speak to us for a price we will help. 

*Wongov releases the PTT* 

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*Artyom sighs and presses down the PTT*

No, you don't I was there. He was beaten to death under a contract that was put out. Wolfpack never put that contract out.

*Releases the PTT*

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*Hutch picks up the radio and presses the PTT*

"Nikolai, your facts are completely wrong here. I never said we planned on doing anything to Chip. In fact, I asked you why Chip would've attacked us and if you knew anything about it, in which you said you'd find out more information. We never ordered any kind of hit on Chip. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop spreading lies."

*Hutch releases the PTT.*

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*Sitting on the roof top of a building in Cherno, Phoenyxx would pick up her radio*

Funny.. that people just feel the need to attack us when we’ve done nothing but sit here and offer open arms to those that need food, water even other supplies.

We get blamed for attacks yet we haven’t attacked anyone.

I appreciate the heads up. You can contact me on my private frequency on:


We can arrange to speak face to face or how I can give you this reward for the location of this camp.

*She would pause and look towards the area in which Chip once had his base set up on the ‘island’ of Cherno.*

“Drug dealers and Murderers? Funny. I have not dealt any drug ever.

We are not involved with drugs.

Pathetic to feed into the rumor mill.

We did not kill Chip.

We did not put a contract out to kill him.

He died at the hands of another person.

Chip also however was a liar.

You old CTF men all were turning against innocent people and joining forces with the Black Roses to fight innocent people that were merely just trying to protect themselves.

We were getting shot and even slaughtered for having SECURITY.

That’s why the Black Roses began to turn people against us.

We are good people.

Anyone whose been around us for more than a day knows this.

However maybe you should be worried and concerned of those around you stranger.

You never know whose watching and whose waiting for their moment to turn against you.

*She turned her radio off, glaring at the water from her spot on the rooftops*

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*A man activates his radio pressing the PTT and talks into it with a thick British accent*

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.....she said it watch your back ....tell you this I won’t step into that slaughter house they call a home best keep away....

*Releases the PTT and continues walking*

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*Dean would turn on his Radio and reply to the original statement*

"Dobrý den!"

"Hello there! It's weird how everyone seems to chime in on these frequency's. Ironic really"

"My friend, your words are never wiser, start traveling in packs, you're gonna need them if you want to come out into the world."

"Men on the past have debts not yet paid, However I'll read you a nice poem to express our concerns"

"This is the debt I pay , Just for one riotous day,  Years of regret and grief,  Sorrow without relief. 

Pay it I will to the end —  Until the grave, my friend,  Gives me a true release —  Gives me the clasp of peace. 

Slight was the thing I bought,  Small was the debt I thought,  Poor was the loan at best —  God! but the interest!"

"In words those can understand. We were people in the past that were abused in our sight for assistance and care"

"Lended assistance and our backs stabbed"

"Now we're back and stronger as one, three groups come together that were once undone"

"Nashledanou mí přátelé"

*Dean would turn on an MP3 player and place his radio down to it as he would walk away*




("Dobrý den!" -  Hello!") ("Nashledanou mí přátelé" - "goodbye my friends")



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*Kenneth falls trough the forest and trips over rocks and logs*

Fuck the woods man. It's like the shittiest place dude. Chip was an absolute retard. I remember him talking down on me and making fun off my past and looks. Well, when my friends ask what up he crawls to the ground like a little fawn. I am really forestthemed today dudes. Everytime i entered his store after that he would put his hands in the air saying he is getting robbed. Really weird fellow. So i guess he pissed off the wrong people.

*You can hear Kenneth fall once again*

You know what. The Railroad will not judge who you are and what you do. We trade with everyone. The Railroad is there for your every need. We are currently only located in Cherno but will open a new store soon.

*Kenneth let's go off the radio*


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