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Appeal NVFL/BadRP - 5 days ban

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: i can not tell its unfair , it is fair , i totally understand how people want to play rp in any cases, how to prohibit some reactions and taste of pure rp gaming.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I didnt log out after i took cartridges from dead body , i crashed several times and i tried to connect immediately several times,game was crashing because of graphic issue from a cowshed or a farm building near barn, when i logged in guys were accusing me that i stole and log off. Mike or Michael head of that kabanino community knows me small , i was always wanted to be part of community and i was offering and demanding always a help of a hand.
When they accused me stealing and logging off , i got stressed and played like stressed under situation and told the guy i can drop the cartridges,and after all things happened next.its detailed on report post,but not everything they report only in barn,not before that video.anyway its not an excuse i accept my failure in it or badrp.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to achieve to get myself into more RP and more deep emotions living that minute and moment much more real.

What could you have done better?: I could act more deep RP about hostage situation.


4.4 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards.

As an attacker you may NOT:

Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play.

Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times.

As a victim you may NOT:

Pretend to be fearless, emotionless, not feel pain, or otherwise be unaffected by the situation where your life is at risk in a hostile situation.

Be passive during the hostile role play and refuse to actively participate in it. Just sitting there and not contributing to role play can make the situation very boring for the attackers.


3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.

And i am sorry to broke 6 people RP experience and fun in the end, but i accept my fault about breaking rules, and i will be much more careful.

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Another team of staff members have review your appeal and the report. After reviewing all of the evidence and the POV we have decided to Deny your appeal. The verdict still stand because in the video evidence there are no signs of fear while being tortured. You also at one point in the video talk OOC in VOIP, which complete breaks immersion. If anything is need to be communicated on an OOC level please use text chat with a prefix "//" to what you say for example "// I just logged back in, after crashing." This will allow you to get your message across without breaking immersion for others involved. With showing no signs of fear and talking in OOC in VOIP you will remain guilty of BadRP & NVFL.

Appeal Denied: Ban & Points Remain w/ Character PK'ed

Signed by: Myself w/ Notes

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