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S1 Cherno 8/16 05:00 Counter Report

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Server and location: Server 1 Cherno

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2019-08-15, 04:30

Your in game name: Arri Graham

Names of allies involved: @Hunter @FalkRP @WongRP @Phoenyxx

Name of suspect/s: Yakone Briggs

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  

Arri Graham POV: Took the Suspect hostage around Kabinino following a firefight as we were detaining everyone who entered the town. After some brief RP of around 5 minutes we confirmed the identity of the hostage and contacted the Wolfpack who had a bounty on him. After brief radio comms with them we decided to march the Suspect down to Cherno which took around 30 or so minutes. The RP provided by the Suspect was nothing more than abysmal, it was clear that he was not aware of the lore of the server, and any type of RP he provided was bland and in-cohesive. At one point he claimed to be a combat journalist that was here for the Civil War, I then asked him how old he was and he said he was 24. I then pointed out to him that he was a 14 year old combat journalist fresh out of Sophomore year doing journalism in a war zone. The Suspect then went silent for approximately 10 minutes and refused to speak, which I assumed was him telling his lads on discord without having a radio or hot mic'ing so I gave him constant demands to speak or he will be killed. However, seeing as I was unsure how this action would be viewed by the staff team I ended up not killing him even though he refused to do as ordered. After around maybe the 12 minute of the silent treatment he just started repeating "Yakone Briggs Combat Medic OMP 501st." about 4 times over, after he was done spouting off I began asking simple questions such as, "if you are military what is your MOS, where did you attend basic, answer these questions or you will be shot." Again he refused to answer and kept spouting the same thing. Eventually around 25 minutes into the ordeal we found Wolfpack, upon reaching them I gave them the situation and demanded he speak again saying the basic stuff without any fear, emotion or meaningful RP at all. 5 minutes after this the Suspect asks one time, "Can I please have water." and this part is important so I will highlight it THE SUSPECT HAD A FULL WATER BOTTLE FOOD AND A CAN OF BACON IN HIS POCKETS THE ENTIRE TIME, AT NO TIME WAS THE OP DEPRIVED OF ESSENTIAL MATERIALS NOR DID HE MAKE AN EFFORT TO SIGNAL THAT HE WAS DYING. Following this he was told no he will be given water later, and the questioning restarted with the same bland answers with no attempt to RP. On multiple occasions the OP showed a clear lack of value for his own life, displayed sub-par RP, and is clearly omitting some things from his POV and attempting to lie.

As a result of the POV posted above from my point of view, it is clear to me the OP from the original post was attempting to get himself killed in order to avoid the RP being give. It was obvious to us that he was doing everything in his power to non-comply without blatantly attempting to punch one of us out or run. The Suspect was in possession of water and food and still let himself starve to death on purpose. As the suspect had already stated on the original report that he had video evidence I'd love to see the full un-edited video as well as Hunter and Phoenyxx's povs as they were both streaming.

To list all rule break accusations being listed:

No value for life: He clearly had no fear for his characters life, and non-complied to every demand given. He would have been executed within 10 minutes of the ordeal had we not been hired to find him alive.

BadRP: The majority of the interaction consisted of un-intelligible pseudo-military jargon and sly insults. When questioned about the context and substance of what was said the suspect only responded with, either the same exact thing, "You will find out." or "I never specified."

Lying in a report/False Report: " I had been escorted from up up north near Kabanino, after awhile I had asked for water and I was told I would not get any water until I pass out inwhich they would give me water. After awhile I was slowly losing health and asked for water once more and never received it, they had also smacked me around and before I could pass out I died. I will post a video shortly." the POV provided by the suspect intentionally omits actions taken by both sides, he clearly attempts to cover up the fact he had water, and supplies seeing as we gave it to him. He also claims to have asked numerous times which is false, not once did the OP claim he was dying, nor did he mention the RP at hand.

Avoiding RP: By attempting to commit suicide via refusal to drink your own water, or making it clearly known the suspect was dying, along with the suspects refusal to provide any RP other "Yakone Briggs Combat Medic OMP 501st" and "I didn't say I was military." It's clear you had no intent on RPing the situation, and were clearly attempting to end it as fast as humanly possible by any means necessary.

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I'd like to state the water bottle was less than one quarter, and a hostage should NEVER reach into their bag and attempt to pull anything out. Especially after being told you should not be given any water at all.


Yeah, will post evidence as well! Along with a more detailed POV in the morning.

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Lukas Stika POV: We get word from the Legion Corp that they successfully found and took hostage one of the people that has given us numerous problems in the past with the ex merciless, and the brother of Clay Briggs (who was killed after NVFL'ing in a previous report), who has constantly made threats and such over the radio about it. On top of this, from a previous hostile action he had taken against us, we had execution rights against him. So, Legion Corp brings the man down to us and we meet just outside of Nadezhino. The suspect just repeats the same phrase numerous times over and over again (even after being threatened with death and getting shot), hardly provides any means of actual RP towards his hostage takers that is meaningful in anyway, continues to basically ignore us and act stupid until we have to essentially beat him over the head or yell at him. This drones on for essentially the ENTIRE duration of the hostage situation. Along the way, the ONLY time he ever even "asked" for water, was simply saying "I feel a bit thirsty, does anybody have any water on them?" That is it. In its entirety. He doesn't give us any sort of IC or OOC notification that he is dying of dehydration and needs water ASAP. I feel a bit thirsty, in no way indicates a life threatening NEED for water. It sounds like a mercy request, upon which why he was denied by Falk for it. Myself then agreeing with Falk and stating that he ain't gonna get jack shit til he's dehydrated to the point he passes the fuck out, which is strictly an IC statement by my character who has no sympathy for this person at all considering the clear incompetence he has shown us leading up to it. Had the suspect shown any actual emergency and substantial need for such, it would have been provided for him, however feeling A BIT thirsty shows no need for such.

Plus as can be seen from my VoD, the suspect had a means of sustenance and providing himself the aid he needed. At any point, he could have asked if he could have had a drink or bite to eat from the resources he KNOWINGLY had on him, and decided to withhold even attempting to use.

So we keep marching on til we get into the compound, Falk asks me to find a hacksaw so we can provide the suspect with hostileRP such as torture/interrogation, before he would more than likely inevitably be asked to PK, and then executed (PK or not).

Anyways, Norway's PoV essentially wraps it up nicely. I can agree with every statement and accusation he is making against the suspect. It really seemed like he just didn't want to be there, and was committing the rule breaks he is being accused of above to avoid RP. 

That is my PoV up to his death essentially because that is how bland and repetitive the RP given to us was.

Here is the highlight from the VoD from the beginning of us running into him:



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Copy and Pasted POV from other report:

We had received a radio message from @WongRP stating that they had captured a man that was related to a bunch of radio messages (in radio broadcast) about his brothers death and wolfpacks involvement. This man had glorified his shooting of Falk and proceeded to make threats towards wolfpack over this radio series.

Having not found him in game for a long while and having other things to deal with, we immediately took up the offer for him to be brought to us so that we could deal with him accordingly. Upon meeting up with the two legion boys ( @WongRP & @NorwayRP) they informed us that he had stopped talking to them for almost a solid 15 minutes as they attempted to question him on his backstory as it didn’t add up. I’d consider this BADRP which he continued to do so when we arrived to meet the Legion boys.

Once we had arrived, he spoke to me briefly but then began to give me the silent treatment as well. During our run into Cherno he was asked SEVERAL times about what military he was with and either just decided to ignore us, or simply state the same thing repeatedly. All of us told him to state the country he was a military member for in which he would constantly just say the same thing not giving us a country or simply say “you will find out soon enough/or you’ll find out”. His life was threatened MULTIPLE times as we simply asked him to state the country in which he began to show he truly had NO VALUE FOR HIS LIFE.

He continued to remain silent as we questioned almost seemingly ignoring us, only to give sarcastic comments from time to time or repeat himself but not once answering what we were asking him properly and giving us the answer of what country his military unit belonged too.

After several times of attempting to get out of him what we wanted to know, he asked for water. In which he was told if he wanted water he would have to answer our questions. He still refused, not meeting the demands we made as hostage takers. Which meant that he was willing to dehydrate himself instead of answering a simple question. He also did have water on him, in which he could have taken out to drink and some food too that could have topped him off. He never once said that he was ‘extremely thirsty’ or anything of that matter. In which he told us he needed water and about less than 10 minutes later he is dropping down from dehydration. When he told us he was thirsty, he didn’t sound like it was ‘red light thirsty’ simply maybe ‘yellow’.

As for the smacking around, it was warranted as he was refusing to answer questions asked and flat out ignored us most of the time we were talking to him. The roleplay received from him was not one you would expect from a hostage who had made some bold threats and was now in the hands of the group he threatened to kill. He didn’t even sound a tad bit fearful that he had us there.

We attempted to provide some good hostile roleplay, while interrogating him on his background which we believed the story he gave was a lie. We had intentions of continuing the roleplay despite the little to no roleplay we received from him as a hostage.

Stating again that his life was threatened MULTIPLE times if he did not give us the name of the country he worked for with military. He was told he would be shot and killed on multiple occasions and continued to not give us what we demanded, but we kept him alive so we could actually provide and get roleplay.

I had only heard him ask for water once, in which he was given a demand to tell us the name of the country and refused to do so.

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The GM team have looked into this report and made a decision to close this report as it is the same situation as a current report open.

The conclusion for this report will be found here: 


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