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Server and location: Server 1 Kabanino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2019-08-15, 02:30-3:30

Your in game name: Yakone Briggs

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Two members from legion (@wongRP and one other).

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I will be submitting video shortly.

Detailed description of the events: I was found up in Kabanino and taken into custody, upon being taken in I told them my name "Yakone" I said and then they immediately said I was a guy that was messing with wolf pack claiming to know my name and that I had posted radio transmissions, which I had but never stated my name. They used the radio transmission against me and acted as if they knew me, in-which I had never met any of them. I never stated my last name and they had assumed immediately.


Edited by Drew7822

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We were aware of who you were and who you were involved with due to our previous encounters including but not limited to, Yourself, Your Brother, your fellow group mates and due to your actions in this report here.

 I am sorry you feel that your identity was meta-gamed, I do not have video evidence to provide.

We have encountered you on multiple occasions, and were aware that you were commonly know as that Journalist guy Yakone the brother of the guy who tried to 1v15 in Polana which you readily admitted to claiming "Yea I remember my brother was an idiot." Seeing as you readily admitted to that and you even referenced the same thing in your radio broadcast I think it is pretty clear that even though you never stated your name it is easy to put 2 and 2 together. 

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Connection Logs:

01:36:42 | Player "Yakone Briggs" is connected
03:43:05 | Player "Yakone Briggs" has been disconnected
03:52:23 | Player "Yakone Briggs" is connected
04:13:24 | Player "Yakone Briggs" is connected
04:33:13 | Player "Yakone Briggs" is connected

01:37:32 | Player "Arri Graham" is connected
04:15:16 | Player "Arri Graham" is connected
04:32:35 | Player "Arri Graham" is connected
05:52:02 | Player "Arri Graham" has been disconnected

04:15:57 | Player "Artyom Wongov" is connected
04:29:03 | Player "Artyom Wongov" has been disconnected
04:29:11 | Player "Artyom Wongov" is connected
04:35:06 | Player "Artyom Wongov" is connected
05:09:15 | Player "Artyom Wongov" has been disconnected

Chat Logs:

03:58:37 | Chat("Yakone Briggs"): //Not on any freq right now, crashed and came back
03:59:11 | Chat("Yakone Briggs"): //No, :/
04:00:51 | Chat("Yakone Briggs"): *You find a knife that I had stated*
04:20:50 | Chat("Yakone Briggs"): //Id stop about the radio its meta never said my name nor my last name

04:04:58 | Chat("Arri Graham"): *locks the weapons in the trunk*

04:21:03 | Chat("Artyom Wongov"): //stop ooc

Calling in for POV's:

@Drew7822 | Yakone Briggs | POSTED

@NorwayRP | Arri Graham | POSTED

@WongRP | Artyom Wongov | POSTED

For their FULL and DETAILED POV's and any VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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Wongs POV:

We find this man after a brief fight in Kab we find out who he is Arri knows him from previous run ins I recognise his voice from multiple radio threads which are IN CHARACTER and he NEVER emoted of distorting his voice.


With all this I decide to let Wolfpack know and ask if they wanted this man they say yes so we take him and question him..sorta. No metagaming


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I don't understand how you can push for meta-gaming when the video evidence you posted cannot prove either way as your voice does not register. With that being said I have nothing further to say.

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@NorwayRP - Metagaming - NOT GUILTY

@WongRP - Metagaming - NOT GUILTY


After reviewing the evidence provided the staff team have come to the conclusion shown above. @Drew7822 you were found in Kabanino and taken into custody by @NorwayRP and @WongRP. Once taken into custody you were asked to give your name, in which you responded with "Yakone". The two accused immediately recognise you, to which you say was metagamed information. However, the evidence given to us within the report clearly shows that the information was not in fact metagamed but rather gained through past experiences that you have all shared in game and via the dayz chatter forum. 


@NorwayRP - Metagaming - No action taken

@WongRP - Metagaming - No action taken

Signed by @Saunders + @Derek Steel

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