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You can hear the static on your radio lowering down...

NATO to OREL, this is Major Mike Goa and I have Captain William Barlow here with me. We are glad to know you are established and that is indeed a sign of hope for us and the people of chernarus.

It has come to my attention that the way we met wasn't the most appropriate way to present ourselves to you and that is our responsibility. At the time of your visit to our temporarily camp, a few lower ranks were on guard duty, and considering the scenario we are facing where we cannot provide them with all the information, we want to further extend our apologies for any behaviour you deemed inappropriate as we recognize that your are the local authority…

...Truth be told, our landing in your territory didn't go as planned, it took a while to reunite our unit and it's with great sadness that we must admit we didn't locate all our man yet… but that's not why we are reaching out to you...

We figured staying in your castle would be a good way to be seen by some of those dispersed, and it worked to a certain extent. To clarify, we treated your historical monument with the highest respect for it's preservation and we guaranteed that no damage would be caused by our presence there. Since then, we have also relocated so that no further inconveniences would arise from utilising your public property without consent. We recognize this was a mistake on our side and we want to present you with our apologies for all the problems caused by our presence there. We also want to state publicly that our intentions in your territory are to assist you in your efforts to provide for the people. We are focused on recovering a hospital to serve those in need, and that is currently our primary objective. We hope our efforts go in line with your purpose and that whatever misunderstandings that could have raised from yesterday's encounter can be solved with mutual respect, as it's not our intent to create conflict, if anything, we would like to help you while respecting your ambitions for your territory. We hope this communication reaches out to OREL... 

We are at your disposal... 


...The static goes back up.

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*Duncan sits idly listening to gun shots close by, he loads his magazines ready to fight as the radio lights up.*

"Listen here NATO boys, *Gunshots can be heard* that's the sound of Kabanino this evening. That's the sound of OREL guns firing on innocent traders... The same way they did yesterday and even the day before that."

*Duncan picks up his rifle and gets ready to leave his house*

"If you are at their disposal, you'll be put down as well fellas... Take care now"

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*The major sits down behind his desk, taking off his beret as the radio goes off then goes to grab and speak into it*

Ahoy Major Goa, this is Major Cernik with the OREL forces. I do appreciate your apology and that you treated the historic castle with respect but I believe a meeting in person would be better off for us.

I believe your captain has my frequency.

*The major turns the radio off and sets it down on his desk*

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