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The Tropico 6 Thread

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Tropico 6 is a construction, management and political simulation game in the Tropico series, developed by Limbic Entertainment, published by Kalypso Media, and announced at E3 2017.[1] Originally intended for a 2018 release, Tropico 6 was set for release on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux on 25 January 2019, with a release on consoles scheduled for the summer of 2019.

As in the other games in the series, the player assumes the role of "El Presidente", the leader of the Caribbean island nation of Tropico. Similarly to Tropico 5, there are four eras: The Colonial era, the World Wars era, the Cold War era, and the modern era. Unlike previous games in the series, where Tropico consisted of only one island, Tropico 6 allows players to build on an archipelago of smaller islands, allowing players to build bridges (in the World Wars era and later) from their starting island to the other islands in the chain.[5] According to senior content designer Johannes Pfeiffer, Tropico 6 will have "fully simulated" citizens, where the actions of El Presidente's government towards the citizenry could have an effect on productivity, and possibly even result in a revolt.[6] In addition to customizing their own El Presidente (as either male or female), players can also customize the presidential palace.[7]


I made this thread for everyone to discuss @Roland's favorite game (In case you didn't know 😉). Feel free to post screenshots of your own beautiful island.

My current save: (More screenshots in the spoiler)









Main street




Happiness (This is important or you'll have to deal with Rebels & Guerillas 24/7 😉




Politics (If you don't have good relations with any of the political factions you'll have a really low approval rating which means you'll lose next election. (Unless you get Penultimo to fake the votes ofcourse 😉)




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Must be up your street @Roland

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