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*Jericho watches as one of Vlad’s junkies fiends over another pill, he then pockets the one handed to him before turning on a heavy duty voice changer, a machine-like unrecognizable voice fills the air*

”If you can hear this, and you can move Comfort, I’m looking to move K’s. Have the means, have the money, need the right man. Contact me back here if you are interested, we’ll arrange something more...professional. Snowman out.”

*The junkie can be heard weeping with joy in the same heavily distorted tone as the voice before as the PTT is released*

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*The man smiles, then begins reading his letters out individually.*

"Arrq X zbirq Qrknzc U, Zbecurhf, be Pbql

Vs lbh unir gur oenvaf gb qrpbqr guvf gura pbhyq or n tbbq ohfvarff cnegare 


*He releases the PTT and awaits a reply.*


Need K moved Dexamp H, Morpheus, or Cody? If you have the brains to decode this then could be a good business partner.


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*Radio static would crackle into life for anyone tuned in to the frequency, a muffled voice, as if the radio had been wrapped in a thick jersey would drone out.*

Wha'ever it is you need moving, could be this 'comfort' or crocodil for all I care, you've managed to grab the interest of a pharmaceutical R&D scientist... Ex-scientist, I suppose.

 I'm not saying I'm willing to ferry this shit around for ye', but I may have a proposition for whoever it is behind the distribution process.

*A hesitant sigh might be heard as an otherwise silent pause would pass.*

I'll wait for ye' response. Out.

*A crackle is heard as the PTT is released.*

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*Vlad holds down his PTT, winds up his left hand and slaps Ivan on his bald head to catch the attention of those on the frequency*

"Good afternoon gentlemen.
First of all, to the weird man talking in code, a child could decode that. Second, you're not doing any business with narcotics.

I'd advise those interested in comfort to contact me on my own frequency, 70.4. 

Have fun!"

*Vlad releases his PTT before bouncing the radio off Ivan's head and blaming it on Bori*

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