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Hey, I'm Sami, 18 and from London UK.

I was a developer on the server for about a week and then I was permbanned for being a toxic little shit. However I was unbanned soon after. Mistakes where made.

I'm not that toxic I'm just ADHD as fuck and when people get me going I turn into a ADA 4x4 on a 100 pop server, look away for a second and I'm going 200 mph.

I'm pretty new here, 30 hours under my belt, 29 of those hours have been looking for a car, one of the hours has been crashing a car and screaming at my monitor.

Originally, I'm from Algeria however I have lived in the UK since I was 7, I visit Algeria around 3-4 times a year though.

I'm pretty busy yet my life is still dominated by a keyboard and mouse, I study full time doing Interactive Digital Design, specialising in 3D Modelling / vizulisation (I'll post some of my work down below). I also work in a very very lucrative business, making millions a day, Costa Coffee, Ladies, calm down. I'm also aspiring to be a model, I'm currently building up my portfolio for free via doing free jobs for agencies across London. However I was recently scouted to Elite Models and if I can make it through with what I have in my portfolio already? Expect to see me in Vouge baby.

I also do freelancig in Graphic Design and 3D Modelling, so if you need anything let me know haha pay me please I have litteraly 0.01 in my bank, I wish I was joking. I'm genuinly not.

When it comes to RP, I've been RPing since I was about 8, starting off on a widly popular heavy roleplaying platform, in one of the most extreme and hardcore roleplaying enviroments known to gaming history, Roblox, 123 for hot bf. I originated on Habbo Hotel, I played that for a very long time just messing around, however on Roblox I actually found a "roleplay" community which was a roblox mafia, laugh, however it was amazing. We're talking 2010 roblox here, serious business, no fuck around. On Habbo Hotel, I found a genuinly serious RP community, a wild west text rp community. Which, being dead serious here, was actually good and serious RP. In 2011 I started playing SAMP, LSRP to be exact and I played it until 2017 when GTA:W was released on GTA, I played there and also played on voice RP servers on ArmA 3, I caught the eye of an owner of one of the biggest servers, ALRP, Chapo Guzman was his alias. He was gay, I was a twinky 15 year old.

Coming from a poor family IRL, money was all I really wanted. Esentially, he was my sugar daddy, judge me please, he gave me money k. Regardless, I became the Community Manager and eventually banded together with my fellow underage possy and exposed him as a nonce, the server then replaced ownership and I remained the community manager, managing the majority of the server for a long time. It was a shaky period however it was funny as fuck and I made a shed ton of money, I regret nothing. Expiriences that help me form who I am today.

Anyway, here's some of my 3D/Graphic design work.







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This was a absolute rollercoaster of a introduction, from start to finish. Welcome to the community, Samii! Hopefully you'll come to enjoy your time here and have a lot of fun bouncing yourself across the apocalypse at 200mph 😄

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Welcome my dude, you better watch out for those ADDA 4 X4 when the servers full, they think there in the kerbal space program, so wait your a model for costa coffee ? 

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14 hours ago, Realize said:

 so wait your a model for costa coffee ? 

Nah mate I'm a proffesional barista at Costa Coffee and I model on the side.

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Hello sir 

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