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S2: Griefing in Kamensk - 08/14/2019, 10:25

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Server and location: S2, my camp in the nearby woods of Kamensk/Krasnoe

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08/14/2019, between 10:25 and 6 hours prior

Your in game name: Sixten Rylander

Names of allies involved: -

Name of suspect/s: Unknown, logs will tell

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): -

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Including screenshots

Detailed description of the events: I log in to find my humble camp has been raided a second time within 2 days. This time I find a lot of stuff scattered on the ground to despawn, despite there being containers with space in them, prompting this report.



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@Peaceless did they cut any locks or break any walls to gain entry into the camp?

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Connection Logs:

09:27:21 | Player "Azoth Blint" is connected
11:03:20 | Player "Azoth Blint" is connected
12:07:29 | Player "Azoth Blint" has been disconnected

07:31:13 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" is connected
21:40:10 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" is connected

Position Logs:

09:50:46 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
09:55:45 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:00:44 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:05:43 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:10:42 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:15:41 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:20:40 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:25:39 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:30:37 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:35:36 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:40:35 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted) 
10:45:34 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:50:33 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) 

09:50:46 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
09:55:45 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:00:44 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:05:43 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:10:42 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:15:41 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:20:40 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:25:39 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:30:37 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:35:36 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:40:35 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:45:34 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 
10:50:33 | Player "Jaxson Schengel" (pos=<Redacted>) 

Building Logs:

10:06:15 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) destroyed Fence with Sledgehammer
10:26:41 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) destroyed Fence with Splitting Axe
11:41:42 | Player "Azoth Blint" (pos=<Redacted>) placed Medium Tent

Calling in for POV's:

@Bubbless | Azoth Blint | POSTED

@Aloha | Jaxson Schengel |

For their FULL and DETAILED POV's and any VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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8 hours ago, Voodoo said:

@Peaceless did they cut any locks or break any walls to gain entry into the camp?

They had broken in by destroying the bottom part of the fence as seen in the first screenshot.

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@Bubbless + @Aloha you will both be temp banned until you provide your full and detailed POV's and any video evidence you may have.

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Aloha and I found the camp and saw there was a tent inside and therefore broken in with a sledgehammer and axe we found in the town south, only pulled out what was inside the tent and barrels to take both. Did not dump out the materials inside the boxes or was forcing any loot to despawn. That was not our intention. Granted we did not take the loot we took out to place inside the boxes that remained which i guess we could of done but where trying to do it fast and get out. From what i understand as long as your taking the container it is ok to pull and leave loot. If im mistaken please let me know. 

Aloha is currently at work but will have the same perspective as we where together the entire time. 

Edited by Bubbless

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@Bubbless your temp ban has been removed. Please keep a close eye on this report for any further questioning.

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@Bubbless verbal warning @Aloha will stay temp banned until the time that he posts his POV


In this case, you state that you could have put the things in a box and even moved some things, but left others. 

With that in mind, we do want to give you a warning that in the future, if ever in the same situation do try your hardest to move things back into containers, if there is room, and no imminent danger forcing you to extract early from the base.

Do remember that even the smallest item can be of importance to someones rp, and thus even if you look at an item as not valuable it can have value to the person that owns the base and should be put back.

@Bubbless verbal warning

@Aloha temp banned to the point he provids his POV in appeals

Signed by @Derek Steel @Voodoo

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