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The Markets grand opening PARTY [open frequency]

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*Your radio suddenly comes to life and you hear Michael Peach speaking with a friendly and welcoming tone*

"Dear fellow survivors, Im proudly announcing that tomorrow is The Markets grand opening and I have arranged a party to celebrate it with you sweet people, we're serving special pumpkin pie, variety of stakes and of course some of that high quality Vodka. I have also paid a DJ to make sure everyone is having fun listening to some good music, and give them the needed vibes to dance if they want to.

The party will be taking place in Mogilevka at 03:00 UTC, that's basically around 10 hours from now, so make sure to bring your friends too. Michael Peach over and out."

*He releases the PTT*

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He presses his PTT

Budeme tam, abychom si nárokovali, co je naše.

He releases his PTT


We will be there to claim what's ours.


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*Michael listens to his Chernorussian guard translating what the man said and replies with a calm and relaxed tone*

"Ah my dear friend... i know what you feel, you feel your home is being taken away by all these foreigners... and i don't blame you for it and i feel sorry for that, although i would like you to know that im just a business man who bought land in your country to start a business before all this, half of my men are Chernorussians and I've provided Chernorussians nothing but care and shelter so far, yet if you are just seeking blood for no reason i suppose there's nothing I can do to convince you otherwise.

*He then releases the PTT and sighs*

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*Vania would pick up his radio and push the PTT* 


“sbírka zboží a půdy jsou v pořádku cizinec, vaše papírování není v pořádku, brzy se uvidíme” 


a collection of goods and land are in order foreigner, your paperwork is not in order, we will be seeing you soon 

*Vania would place his radio back onto the table and look towards Kuba giving the nod to get the group ready*

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