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The Black Seraphs

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Introduction: It is said that  a Seraph is an angelic high being that sits closest to the throne of God. What about a Black Seraph? Do they sit near God? Or do they sit next to the throne of the devil? Neither in all honesty. They are the bad guy you don't see. The one supplying your local dealer. The ones starting a war between your two local factions and making profit from both sides. While you waste your time fighting your petty meaningless highschool drama style fights we are making profit. We are getting stronger and more wealthy. As we do favors for groups and individuals we amass debts some wont be able to repay


Origin: 2013 Los Angeles friends Benny Vandal , Lopak Slusk ,and Chris Borland  decided they wanted more money and power in their lives. So all having some criminal knowledge from past experience in doing “Questionable” business they thought it would be a great idea to start an organization. With Benny owning large amounts of property,Lopak with a couple million ,and Chris Borland with the connections across the criminal underworld they formed the Black Seraphs.Not wasting any time they began recruiting immediately starting with Jeff Borland , Max Rider,and Jason Knep. Later picking up Phoenyxx Cain,Leon Devitt,Ivan Bellic ,James Carter,and Mr.Yamani. The criminal organization grew and grew and eventually became an empire expanding across the U.S and then to eastern Asia , majority of Europe and parts of russia. Eventually Benny and Lopak grew tired of the fast life and retired from the Black Seraphs and handed full control to hot headed , angry , irrational Chris Borland. 


IC Goals:

  • Establish Black Market Trade Network
  • Establish The Black Seraphs as a Household name
  • Find the makers of comfort and trade for the drug for redistribution to the continental U.S
  • Eventually discover the recipe to comfort to bring back to the continental U.S
  • Create a new addictive drug

OOC Goals:

  • Maintain a respectable image within the community
  • Make ourselves and others around us better at RP
  • Increase RP for individuals as well for groups 


Members List:

@MrMothmanz (Chris Borland) - Chairman of the Board

@cjackson821  (Ivan Belic) -  (Board of Directors)

@DStacey (James Carter) - Foot Soldier 

@Jeff Borland (Jeff Borland) Foot Soldier

@Alexander Yamani (Mr.Yamani) Foot Soldier


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Work in progress groups are not allowed.

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Work in progress groups are not allowed as per the current rules.

I will be archiving this thread for now. Please PM a Moderator or higher ranked staff member once you have the group thread ready.


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