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Force Fed Human Steak

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Server and location:  DayzRP #1 / Stary Sobor Church

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  12:57

Your in game name:  Joshua Taylor

Names of allies involved: Vasily Popov

Name of suspect/s: His discord name is Mystic

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: We held up a guy in the Church in Stary Sobor. The guy started yelling out help and was giving away our postions. Mystic shot and kill the hostage. We then got held up by some nationalist but we were let go. After that, Mystic cut up the guy he killed and started eating it. Some minutes passed and while I was just doing my thing, he came up to me and started feeding me it. I ran from him thinking that it won't affect me but I didn't tell him to do it. I actually told him to stop. After that, I ran to Kab and my character started laughing. I pretty much got pissed off. An uproar was started because I was laughing around 9 other people. They found Mystic. I walked up to Mystic and aimed my weapon at him. He kept lying about feeding me. I told him to tell the truth or he would get shot. He lied again and I shot. And then shot myself because I would of died anyway..

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Connection Logs:

00:33:57 | Player "Joshua Taylor" is connected
01:43:20 | Player "Joshua Taylor" has been disconnected

00:34:28 | Player "Vasily Popov" is connected
00:42:26 | Player "Vasily Popov" has been disconnected

00:32:11 | Player "Matthew Portelli" is connected
01:44:54 | Player "Matthew Portelli" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

01:41:43 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by Player "Joshua Taylor" with Makarov PB from 1.53313 meters 
01:41:45 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by Player "Joshua Taylor" with Makarov PB from 1.86606 meters 
01:41:45 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by Player "Joshua Taylor" with Makarov PB from 1.86606 meters 
01:41:46 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by Player "Joshua Taylor" with Makarov PB from 1.86606 meters 
01:42:36 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by regained consciousness
01:43:27 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by is unconscious
01:43:46 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by regained consciousness
01:43:51 | Player "Matthew Portelli" hit by is unconscious

Kill Logs:

01:42:39 | Player "Joshua Taylor" (DEAD) died.

01:43:52 | Player "Matthew Portelli" (DEAD) died.

Chat Logs:

01:11:24 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): // dk major
01:19:08 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh's eyes start to turn yellow*
01:21:36 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh starts growling, eyes are yellow.*
01:22:12 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh starts scratching his fac furiously. *
01:22:20 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): // face*
01:24:21 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh trys to talk, but only a faint growl comes out*
01:26:22 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh has tears dropping *
01:29:26 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh motions toward the shot gun *
01:34:16 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh falls unconsious *
01:35:30 | Chat("Joshua Taylor"): * Josh wakes up and starts banging his head on the road *

01:40:02 | Chat("Matthew Portelli"): //KICKS PISTOL

Calling in for POV's:

@JoshAbstract | Joshua Taylor | POSTED

@DK_Major | Vasily Popov | POSTED

@Mysticpandemic | Matthew Portelli | POSTED

For their FULL, DETAILED POV's and any VIDEO EVIDENCE that you have.

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Oh I apoligies I did not know that will happen Thats all my fault and I understand.I did not know this laughing thing and all this.I forgot that I fed him that and it was only for like 2 seconds did not know that will happen.My fault.I toally admit that I did it but at the time I forgot that I did it.And also never seen this rule while reading trough.I apoligies for my actions Josh and all the others.Just a heads up doctors said I might have early demenia so I forget things now and then.I totally am sorry and I hope you understand that I am Josh also had a great time rping with you man 🙂





Edited by Mysticpandemic

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@Mysticpandemic you need to provide us with your full and detailed point of view of how this situation went down.

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I dont have any vids.Im trying to install obs



So what happened is me and him held this guy hostage.Later 2 guys outside of church told us they want our guns.our hostage started shouting out our info.We went on and shot the hostage.After some seconds the 2 people outside left and a chernarussian poped up saying to get outside with our hands up.We later done that and we were set free.I that cut the body up and started to eat it.(as a joke) I went up to josh and fed him the meat for 1 second and stopped.We later on continued with our rp.Again I apolies for what happened and im sure this will never happen again.I did not see it in the rules.Later I went to kabanino and he was there doing the canibal laugh and was sick.They then took me to a room interagated me.And then I was shot dead and loved the rp.I tought it was perfectly great rp.

Edited by Mysticpandemic

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They were locked in a church under siege from some guys they held up and then shortly after the situation died down, Mystic cut up the bodies and proceeded to eat them and then feed Josh a bit of the human steak. Thats all i can recollect while i was there. I have no video to provide.  

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@Mysticpandemic - Power gaming - Guilty


A team of staff have looked over this report and have come to the conclusion that @Mysticpandemic will be found guilty of power gaming.

In this scenario, human meat was fed to another person without their consent. We do not allow power gaming an action or status onto other role players without their explicit permission. It is common knowledge that human meat will cause affects on players. One way to ask for their permission would be typing in chat //permission to feed you human meat?

This was not the case here. The accused made no attempt to ask for any permission from the person he fed the meat to. 


3.7 You are not allowed to force an action, condition or belief through role play upon another players character unless the action is specifically consented to by the other player using OOC text. This is called power gaming. Certain extreme role play like rape is not allowed at all and is considered power gaming regardless of consent.

@Mysticpandemic, you can be heard saying "Become a cannibal my friend" in the video evidence provided, followed by "I fed him human meat" and "Well, He's a cannibal now"
Showing no care or even the slightest worry that you just forced that condition onto @JoshAbstract without his consent.

You also mention that you didn't see power gaming in the rules. You're going to have some time reading the rules again as you sit out your in game ban. We highly suggest you familiarize yourself with how things work in this community in terms of what you can and cannot do in game. 

With the above said the following applies

@Mysticpandemic - Power gaming - 10 Points + 3 Day Ban

Signed by @Phoenix & @Voodoo

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