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Appeal - Combat Logging (CL) - 3 Days

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: 

I believe some very important information was left out of the report, mainly because I was being reported for KOS/RDM and I ended up being banned for CL without a chance to clarify.
Even tough I did log out after this situation, I don't feel like it was a fair to ban me under this rule.
1 - I have 5k Hours of roleplay and was never reported or banned.
2 - The player count on the server at the time of my disconnect.

3 - The fact that I was stuck inside a small tower, without supplies, after a base griefing event currently reported here -> 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

To be fair, I just feel my effort has been irrelevant. Spending hundreds of hours around my men making sure rules are being followed and respected. Making sure players go out of their way to help others specially newcomers.
We are a military group, yet, you have 0 reports against us, unless it's us defending ourselves as we don't hunt players.
The base griefing was so hard that between me and the outside world, were 5 locks. If we do the maths = 5 players Online - Two NATO - Two Dead - My man reporting that they NEVER asked for backup or anything(after the situation was over and his radio returned) - That leaves 1 man on the server that could come to fight me BUT = The attacking group is not official therefore, sharing kill rights gets messy.
The thing is -> I was griefed or trolled, stuck inside a tower, with more than half an hour of code breaking before anyone could come get me. 
I believe braking rules should be punished, but are we going to enforce a rule, when the situation is like this?
To share my feelings about this, it's like:
->I'm trying hard to handle the pvp madness that's against us.
->I get wrongly reported
->I get banned for something else, when I am being a victim of situation that prevented me to live (in-game) as I wasn't free, yet I had no one with me. 

What could you have done better?:

1 - Die of starvation or thirst.
2 - Call an admin (I didn't know it was possible).
3 - Go afk inside the tower as no one could possibly, under the server rules, get me.

I was stuck inside that tower until 12 hours later.

I don't feel I have anything positive to learn with this ban, as in all honesty, I didn't combat log. I just logged. 
Something like a Warning should have been enough, considering I'm the victim here.

If I am wrong, I am wrong, but I had to express this as everyone can make mistakes. I don't really feel I made a mistake here, I made the only decision that I had left to prevent more damage.

Sorry for wasting more of your time.

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Hi @Goa

Another team of staff have looked over your appeal and examined the original report verdict. We have come to the conclusion that your ban was absolutely justified.

I am going to address that just because you have never been reported or have a lot of playtime, it doesn't warrant a reduced punishment. You combat logged. End of.
As much as we have sympathy for your situation, the best thing you should've done is either contacted the hostile party and asked for permission to log, or contacted an admin to help with your situation. You didn't know you could at the time, but you could've made an attempt to speak to someone in the helpdesk if you felt it was a desperate situation.

The combat log timer is and always has been 30 minutes. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do here and you are going to have to sit out your ban and learn from it.

With the above said the following applies

/Appeal denied, Punishment remains

Signed by @Phoenix & @Samti with notes

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