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Shopping List [OPEN FREQ]

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*Kyle hauls a log and places it on the fireplace before grabbing his radio off Panzer and pushing the PTT*

"Yoo, dis is Kyle Mckenzie. Some of you might know me, some of you might not. Man's in need of a black plate carrier, gotta be more protected deez days init. We also need a camo face mask"

*There is a pause for a few seconds*

"Oh, nearly forgot.. Need some of dem aviator sunglasses as well ya get me? We will trade for em, we don't want em for free. I found me a green plate thingy but I need a black one n dat, if anyone know of any mandem who trade or anyone who wants to trade in general let me know on dis frequency init. Safe safe."

*He releases the PTT and hands the radio back to Panzer. Lays back and looks up at the stars*

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**Trent hops on the frequency after idly switching between channels**

"If you need to trade, come down to Mogilevka, The Market may have what you need. And I can hook you up with some aviators aswell, same place."

"Dunno if we have the mask though mate."

**He releases the PTT and gets to popping the lid on a can of beans**

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