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S1: Possible Griefing South of Severograd - 2019-08-12, 03:27

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Server and location: S1, Southern Summer Camp Below Severograd

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-12, 03:27

Your in game name: Connor Cain

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: I heard IC that some people were planning to raid our neighbors in the southern camp below Severograd, decided to make a trip down there and see if they've raided them. When I arrived I saw several camo netting under their fences which was taken off recently, I jumped into the compound and when I reached the main stash most if not all the tools/weapons along with camo netting which was again taken off their walls on the ground. I looked through what they had, took what I needed and went on my way. Decided to make a report about this as this seems like griefing to me, there was plenty of space to store most of those tools or weapons in the boxes when I looked through them.

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Building Logs

01:17:16 | Player "Spas Grabowski" dismantled Fence with Crowbar (location removed)
01:18:41 | Player "Spas Grabowski" dismantled Fence with Crowbar (location removed)

Position Logs

01:28:44 | Player "Spas Grabowski" (pos=<redacted>) 
01:28:44 | Player "Till Cockerham" (pos=<redacted>) 

Connection Logs

21:26:56 | Player "Spas Grabowski" is connected
02:43:36 | Player "Spas Grabowski" has been disconnected

01:23:40 | Player "Till Cockerham" is connected
02:45:46 | Player "Till Cockerham" has been disconnected


Calling in 

@Jesusthe3rd - Spas Grabowski - POSTED

@vizius - Till Cockerham - POSTED


For their full and detailed PoVs and any evidence they have. Furthermore they both will be temp banned until their PoVs are posted

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Firstly, I do not record gameplay so i do not have any video to show my innocence. I can assure you that both my friend Spas and I were not griefing in any way or trying to misuse the game or servers.

Here is my POV of the situation. We were looking for a base camp to call home Spas and I ran into a nice compound in the woods that had a water source, couple houses, and a medical bay. We saw that this place had player made fences on it and decided to investigate. As a result we found a gate to be unlocked and walked in. After searching the area we found more player made fences around a three or four car garage building. The players who made this base did not notice there is a way to get into the garage part by the use of a garbage  dumpster right next to the wall. We used the dumpter to jump into the garage area and started knocking down the fences and hack-sawing the locks. During this process we had a couple disconnects and waiting for server messages pop up. 

The people who own this base had a couple of tents in which we found more useful and decided were more important to loot than the tools and some of the guns because of the fact that I will reiterate again, both my friend and I were getting server connection issues multiple times during our raid. So we took those items instead.


This is my point of view of the incident. From the recording above i do not believe we broke any of the rules as everything we did was by the book of raiding a base.  any questions feel free to ask. 


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Thank you @vizius, your temp ban has been lifted. 

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Unfortunately I also do not record gameplay so i do not have any video to show my innocence.

My POV is similar to Tills, we went out searching a few places I have found on the map that look like good places to start building a base. we found this base that had entirely walled off the outside so we walked around and found a metal iron gate unlocked and walked on in, we didn't find much and decided to take a look at what was a compound on the hill. we did a quick walk around the walls and fences and I noticed there was a trash can beside the wall that could easily allow someone to jump over the wall so I gave it a try. Success I made it over the wall but began to panic as I had no way out took a look in a crate and there was all I needed to take down a wall or gate hacksaw, crowbars, pliers and sledgehammers. I was about half way through dismantling the gate and till was working on one of the locks when we lost connection, the server had gone down 4 or 5 times that night randomly. I am a bit new to raiding so me trying to figure out how to punch a hole in the gate or a wall so we could escape was a bit of trial and error. 

We found 2 tents lots of medical supplies guns and ammo we made a second trip with larger backpacks to try and take everything we could use with a total of over 350 carrying capacity worth of items in total taken and we would have taken more if we had not of heard gunshots extremely close on our second trip and got spooked so we ran with everything we had at the time and did not return.

I definitely did not think we would be accused of Griefing in anyway as we simply broke in and took as much as we possibly could.

If anyone has anything they would like to ask me or speak with me about just let me know thanks

Edited by Jesusthe3rd

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Thank you @Jesusthe3rd, your temp ban has been lifted. Please continue to follow the report in case we have any further questions. 

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@Jesusthe3rd & @vizius Was the reason you left multiple items on the floor, simply because you heard the shots nearby or is it because you did not have the inventory space to take them ?

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I can't speak for Viz (Till) but I did almost fill my inventory 95% and Viz was in the process or filling his 2 100 slot backpacks I do not know how much he was able to fill, when we heard the shots extremely close and I told him "lets go now people are coming" We did not have a chance to finish looting and ran for our lives. When we got back to our base we decided a third run back for supplies would probably be a mistake as we assumed we had just missed being caught by the base owner returning or friends coming to visit.  

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yes I had two bags filled with their supplies the items left on the ground were from the tents that we took. As Spas stated the shots we heard were close to the base we were raiding and we did not want to risk being caught looting the base therefore was the reason why we left in a hurry. 

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@Jesusthe3rd + @vizius - GRIEFING - GUILTY


@Jesusthe3rd @vizius the staff team have reviewed this report and come to the conclusion as shown above. To explain the events that took place shortly, both of you enter a camp and begin to take items out of two tents in order to take the tents for yourselves. You then filled several 100 slot capacity bags with items and left the remaining items on the ground to despawn, which included weapons, tools, ammunition and large amounts of over items. Although it may not have been done with malicious intent, you still left a large quantity of items on the floor knowing full well that they would despawn and as there was enough room, you could have moved the remaining items into the other crates that were located within the base. As you have no other in character reasoning than wanting the tents for yourselves, the damage that you both caused by leaving so many items on the floor is disproportionate. In future, items removed from storage containers must be transferred into other containers to avoid leaving them on the floor to despawn, ultimately meaning that the items will be destroyed.


4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done.


@Jesusthe3rd + @vizius - GRIEFING - 7 day ban + 10 warning points

Signed by @Saunders + @Voodoo

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