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S2 Novaya Petrovka Griefing

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Server and location: S2 Novaya Petrovka School

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8/11/2019 - Unknown Time

Your in game name: Gatson Jackson

Names of allies involved: Richard Kreyneium 

Name of suspect/s: @C-J, possibly others - Refer here 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2 Gunters and an Ada

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: At approximately 1400 EST, I logged into the game. I was informed by Richard via a note taped to my door (discord) that we had been robbed and a lot of our stuff was gone. Upon further inspection, I noticed that three of our cars were gone along with about 10-15 guns, no big deal. What pisses me off about this is that there is car parts that were thrown on the ground when there was plenty of storage for them inside the tents, barrels and crates that they rummaged through. They stored some stuff from the tent they took and threw some on the ground. If they had the time to store half the shit, why not all of it?




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Calling in @C-J to give his full and detailed POV. Please provide any video evidence you have and names of allies involved

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I would like to specify. I was online and everything was untouched at 2am PST and the first time we heard from a member that everything was sacked and dropped was at 8am PST. Just something to work with.

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I was there with @King Decided to give them a visit for snitching on us to vlad but... no one was home so we decided to help our self to their stuff while breaking in and class it as "attacking their encampment" something we promised we would do if they snitched on us to Vlad. So we did. We walked in and found tents and tents full of ammunition and weapons. we took some of their crates and decided to fill them up, and get out of there as soon as possible encase they decided to come back. first we planned only on taking 2 cars since there was 2 of us. but after discovering their "personal" rooms contained just as much loot as their storage. we decided to try get away with all the vehicles on the scene. As we was finishing up loading, we believed to have heard a individual outside, unsure of his affiliation, We decided to speed things up dramatically. and get the hell out of there, we managed to find someone along the northern highway that was able to assist us within driving the cars. But I am unsure of his character/forum name. There was no attempt to grief from my side of the team, If there was radio's left behind then it was some sort of mistake, but i assure you we tried to leave in the best fashion possible

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missed out some info

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Hi Skeeterbolt! 🙂

I was another member who was there. I would also like to claim full responsibility to the accidental dropping of those car pieces. CJ gave you that bit of positive criticism about the loot hording, but he had little to no involvement in the dropping of those car pieces. We were simply moving them over.


Before I begin my POV, I will specifically define the term "Griefing" and what we understand from it from the DayZRP perspective:


From what I understand from this, it assumes that we are not intentionally attempting to destroy and break a base and are raiding in such a way that causes minimal damage to the structure itself, while not being overly gluttonous to the loot inside. 


We had had a hostile situation between Skeeter himself and I, and to cut story short, we had specifically informed him in character during the hostile situation, that if he attempts to tell a group (which we would like to refer to anonymously) hunting us at the moment about what happened, we would attack their encampment. After explaining on an OOC level, he wishes to end the situation and not involve the others, we recognized  @Skeeterbolt's attempt to explain that he has new players under his belt and so we accepted the extra-ordinary condition that the IC terms are met and the anonymous group is not notified of our plans other than for something we asked to get from them. We then meet up with this anonymous group, and we note that they were told that they were ICly notified of this hostile situation, and they were told about it. So due to this, we chose to attempt to visit the school and talk and potentially with an intention to initiate. Since there was nobody around however, we took the decision to raid anyway.

During the situation, we did not attempt to grief or overly destroy any resources. We took a large number of high level military guns of varying value, a car tent, a sea chest and a few boxes. I will just note that this base was absolutely stacked with resources. Just to put this into perspective, there was at least over 1000 disposable items in that base varying in many different ways. We stole about three cars, completely full, and that did not come close to even 25% of the rest of the things we left in your tents/other storage. At the very end of our raid, we thought we heard voice(s) outside of the school which spooked us at the time. We were still moving the car parts we were dropping at the time into the tents and crates and sea chests, but we decided to book it and get away with what we had. 

So to specify, I do apologize about the 4 car radiators and battery, we were in a rush and left them on the floor by accident. We also apologize about the damage caused but as I hope I can assure you, we attempted to secure as much as the resources and structures in a standard that did not seem damaging in an unintentional way. As seen in the video proof, we were in the middle of putting car parts in other storage areas as shown by the fact that car parts were in fact in other compartments.

We would like to quickly inform the staff in a way that hopefully isn't seen as a method to retaliate, in the footage posted by Skeeterbolt between 3:32 and 3:42 he says "What the hell else might've despawned" in VOIP chat, breaking 3.1.

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The staff team have looked over the report and we can not see any rules being broken here, in this situation they heard a voice that made them extract from the area faster than planned and thus some items were left behind on the floor

with that we have decided to close this


signed: @Derek Steel @Realize

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