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S1 - Cherno - Griefing - 10:13 Server Time

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Server and location: S1 Cherno

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10:13 Server time, 10th of August 2019

Your in game name: James McDonagh

Names of allies involved:  @G19RP @General Rickets     

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): atF1xpZ.jpg





Detailed description of the events: Me G19 and Rickets log in and see that 4 of our tents have been stolen and all the stuff that was in them was dumped on the floor. 

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PoV: Roll up to cherno after waking up to find all of our stuff lazily left on the floor, spent 10 minutes cleaning it all up and putting it back into the tents, there was more than enough space to put all of the items back into other tents if the people who took these whilst we were offline cared enough about the rules. One large car tent, two small civilian tents and a military tent.

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Connection Logs:


10:01:04 | Player "Oscar Coates" is connected
10:47:42 | Player "Oscar Coates" has been disconnected
10:55:31 | Player "Oscar Coates" is connected
- Sever Restart/Crash -
10:59:42 | Player "Oscar Coates" is connected

Building Logs:


11:42:20 | Player "Oscar Coates" placed Car Tent
11:58:09 | Player "Oscar Coates" placed Large Tent

Position Logs:


10:02:40 | Player "Oscar Coates" (pos=<6574.1, 2452.1, 6.0>) 
10:07:40 | Player "Oscar Coates" (pos=<6549.8, 2462.7, 6.0>) 
10:12:39 | Player "Oscar Coates" (pos=<6928.1, 2949.0, 10.7>) 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@JamesRP | Jamie Bumlock | OP
@Oscar Coates | Oscar Coates |

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Very brief POV because it doesn't require much explanation.

I was inside their compound, did a good search around the place to see if anyone were around. After doing a full circuit of the block and also checking the annex to the compound where The Wolf Pack live I quickly noticed that there was nobody around.

After our unsuccessful raid attempt on the Mogilevka market yesterday, being engaged by Legion and having one of our men shot I unloaded their Car Tent and Military tent and left the area.

Up until an OOC Conversation with @Realize, @G19RP and @General Rickets, I was completely unaware that this COULD be considered as griefing as this is not defined in the rules anywhere, and in no other server, game, platform anywhere has this been considered griefing.

A futher outlook and perspective can be found here; it's cut and dry - pretty simple and doesn't require much explanation.



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Just now, Phoenix said:

@Oscar Coates Why exactly did you throw everything on the ground? For what reason? Were you stealing the tents and couldn't fit any of it?

Yes. I had a military mountain backpack and the items in the tent would not fit in my backpack with the Military tent and the car tent. I didn't want to run with a tent in my hands with the risk of being seen/stopped by passers by or members running the compound as they could have come back to base at any given moment.

This compound is operated almost 24 hours a day, they have members across all timezones; hense the reason I don't understand why the expectation is that I should sit there and put everything into neat little piles in the other tents, waiting for the owners to come back and question my presence; it's not at all a realistic request or expectation.

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My main gripe with this is you claim that you were worried about being caught. You claim that you were worried and too worried to store everything away in the 4 relatively empty tents and the still standing car tent but you still conducted the raid. You could have used your numbers to canvas the area, you could have planned it, there are literally multiple ways you could have got in and out with what you wanted without leaving it on the floor. This feels much more like a snatch and grab rather than anything else. There was, as you've stated, no one around and therefore no role play followed this or even before this really. I fail to understand how you can be too scared to stick around and store the stuff but not worried enough to actually perform the raid. You claim there was two of you but and that you cleared every building and found it safe. It took me 5 minutes to put all that stuff back into two of the little blue tents using the backpacks you left on the floor. Nothing about neat little piles just throwing it all away. This overall changes nothing with anyone's story arc even though you claim it is revenge for your own friends silly mishaps for not complying. Can't help but feel from watching your actions in the last few days and from the rumors I've felt that not only this raid but multiple you have conducted, hence the two current reports, are 100% gear based. You go places when people are offline take their stuff and dip with very little reason. I've heard about people spending their time eating full car tents of food  or even building crates just to not leave things lying around to prevent any rule infractions. 

I cannot understand that logic, you are scared of being caught and claim you are because of both the size of the group, passers by and members across all timezone yet you still conduct a raid with only one other person on this camp and then use the excuse of being caught as to why you dip without storing everything.

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@Oscar Coates - Griefing | Guilty 


@Oscar Coates the staff team have reviewed this report and arrived at the conclusion as seen above. In this case you went to this camp in order to take the tents and in the process left all the items from inside them tents on the floor to despawn. Although it may not have been done with malicious intent, you still left a large quantity of items on the floor knowing full well that they would despawn and without proper IC reasoning other than wanting the storage space for yourself.

 4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done.

You have also stated "I was completely unaware that this COULD be considered as griefing as this is not defined in the rules anywhere". Well as I have mentioned above the rule clearly states "or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done" the amount of damage you have done in terms of items left behind is disproportionate from the IC reason. In this case just because you wanted the tent didn't mean you had to inflict as much damage as you did to the members that owned the items.

Also the fact you claim you didn't know this type of action could be deemed as griefing seems questionable especially as you were called into a griefing report with a very similar story as this only a few days ago: 


@Oscar Coates - Griefing - 7 Days | 10 points

Signed: @Voodoo @Samti @Derek Steel

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