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Offering Medical Care (Open Freq.)

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*Elliot presses down the PTT after fiddling with her radio to get it to work*

Dobrý večer, My name is Dr. Elliot Rivers. I am a Cardiothoracic Surgeon with experience in general practice and general surgery. I was born and raised in Chernarus, but also spent some time abroad. Enough of me rambling about my past... It's not what matters. 

I am offering my medical services as a freelancer to anyone who requires it. You may contact me on this frequency or a more personal frequency if you wish. I'm currently around in and around Cherno, since most people seem to be down here.

I do not belong to any group, and I do not pick sides in political conflicts. I am simply here to do my job and meet new people along the way.

As I said, contact me if you require my assistance. I can help with most things medical related. I also teach if anyone is interested in learning some basic medical skills. 


*She releases the PTT*

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*Vojtech hears the transmition go off and decides to press down his PTT for once.*

Ahoj, umm... Vojtech here, I'm part of a smaller group that would be willing to supply you with some medical things if that's something that interests you, we also seem to get into trouble every now and then and could use medical attention for those occasions. We're completely open to whatever you have to say in regards to that, perhaps we can organize a meeting if everything adds up.

Have a good night, ano?

*He releases the PTT and continues looking at the walls around him*

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5 minutes ago, DookieCS said:


"Ano, sounds good. I will contact you on a more private frequency and we can talk about a meeting point."

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“ pressing on his radio while walking through the Chernogorsk tree line” I’m willing to learn more about medical related stuff and anything to help my group out. I’m down near Chernogorsk near the industrial factory’s by the edge of the forest. Ask for a man named John Northwood if you’re around. “ releases the PTT button “

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*Beau coughs as he pushes his PTT*

"Glad ta hear that there are some medics out there offering help" *coughing again* "I think I got an infected wound or somethin, I took some antibiotics and it seemed to clear it up for a little while, then I get sick again a few hours later"  *releases his PTT and starts coughing again* "I'm runnin low on antibiotics and don't know what else ta do, Imma head south to cherno and hopefully meet up with ya."

*static can be heard as he releases his PTT, mumbling, cussing and coughing he gets to his feet and takes another antibiotic, picks up his pack and starts walking*

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