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Elijah Johnson

Extraction from Chernarus(Open Frequency)

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*A man picks up the radio and talks into a voice changer an unnatural voice echos over the waves as he presses his PTT*

This is Jaguar.... to all operators objective is complete ....extraction from the country in two hours make your way to designated extraction zone and await pickup.... I repeat again .... Extraction from the country in two hours make your way to the designated extraction zone and await pickup....Jaguar out”


*The man releases his PTT and turns off the voice changer before starting to collect his gear*

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*A man takes a deep breath and presses down the ptt*

capricorn here message heard loud and clear.

*you hear him take a drag of something to smoke*

il expect to arrive within time. capricorn out

*the man releases his ptt checks his rifle and starts walking off*


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She puts down her medical scalpel and looks over the body she was testing upon in the abandoned clinic, her ears perked up at the message and a grin formed across her face.

She pulls off her gloves and throws them in the corner of the room and unhooks her radio from her assault vest.

Pressing the PTT, she responds.

"I see. Ion reporting in, and also, signing off for the final time.."

A tear is seen running down her cheek as her grin slowly fades, and she hooks her radio back onto her vest, picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder, she walks out of the clinic and makes her way out of the town humming Every Breath You Take

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*A man taps his PTT three times before responding.*

"Loud and Clear Jaguar, already at site awaiting arrival. Hope to see some of you again."

*The pop of a smoke grenade could be heard before the metallic canister smacks what sounds like concrete.*

"Whiskey is away. Over."

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*The man picks up his voice changer and then his radio an abnormal voice comes over the radio with the background of what sounds like a helicopter*

“This is Jaguar.....All operators accounted for last helo on route to base now....let’s get out of this shit hole gentlemen take us up.... “

*Radio crackles briefly with white noise and then dies*

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