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Killing Kate [Open Frequency]

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*Briella takes her radio into her bloody hands while looking over the small cabin. She stares into the deep, wooden wall. The lady would have a American accent. She presses the PTT*

"If you are listening, your stupid guard is fucking dead. One cut to her femoral artery and she bleed out on the floor. Stupid bitch"

*She takes a second to catch her breath, realising what she had just done. She continues*

"If you do anything to her... I swear to god! Even a fucking piece of hair that goes missing, you'll be next. Take her back to the cabin now! Ava, I am going to find you, then I will get you out. Hold on.

Don't you dare hurt her. Bring her back and we can go our own ways."

*She releases the PTT as she starts to sprint towards the tree for cover over the house*

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*Arytom Presses down the PTT*

"Privet lady my name is Artyom Wongov with Legion Corporation. If you need any help with anything you can get in contact with us at 99.5  We're contractors highly trained and able to help with anything you may need. Hope to hear from you soon and if not good luck."

 *Releases the PTT*

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*Badger would hear the radio chatter*

“This is Badger a leader of Operation Custodia. We can assist you, but we would need more information.”

*lets go of ptt*

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