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Counter reports. How should they be done.

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I got a response like this on a report a while back from GameMaster @Samti (love ya samti ya a great gm)
saying the following 

So my counter report never was looked  in full or given a guilty or non guilty verdict.

But I see reports all the time where counter reports  are made in the same report as the original report and given verdicts.

What is the way you should go about making a counter report? and if a player is told something like what the Gamemaster told me in that report  and there counter report not looked at. what is the correct and most respectful way to approach this

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realize is mad at my grammer

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Hey lunathecat,

If you read the following "Ask the Staff" thread it should answer your question.


But short answer is the following from @Roland.


There is no such thing as counter-report. If you have a rule break to report, you report it in a new thread.


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Players made up the "counter report" thing. There is no such thing defined anywhere in any official information or sticky. Create a new report if you believe someone is breaking the rules.

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