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Is it just infected walking the streets now?

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*Sitting down by the campfire, tired feet and aching legs, Fabi pours a coffee and picks up his radio speaking in broken English*

“Is my country officially dead….. is it just full of these brainless infected. Where are my fellow Chernarussians that used to make the streets so busy and full of life? Where are all the foreigners that have come to leach our lands and fields? Is everyone hiding behind big wooden walls or deep within the beautiful forests?

I grow weary of traveling to find other survivors. My shoes are worn and my body is tired. I can see footprints of people but not the shoes”

*Throws his radio on the ground and continues with his coffee*

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Mikael listens to the old man speaking and picks up his radio and presses the PTT

"Hello there! Not everyone came hear for those reasons, I came here to suport this beautiful country by planing my 2 week vaication here..."

Mikael takes a deep breath as he contineues

"two weeks that was all I had planed but I lost count on how long I have been here now due to this infection but I do wish to come home to my wife and tell her how mouch I love her again"

Mikael releses the PTT and takes a sip of wather before he presses down again

"There are good people roaming these lands both forangers like my self and cherno rushians in both cases there are both good and bad people, people like me who tries to bring order to this chaos and people that does there best in ruining it...and people who just hate everyone and everything. I feel sorry for all of them because non of them including you and me did shoice this life but it is the hand of life given to us. There are good people in Chernogorsk if you come here to harm us we will defend our self but if you come to help we will return the favour.
Stay safe out there and I hope I will see you shortly."

Mikael releses the PTT and awaits an answer

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*Viktor smiles at the radio, and upon hearing the accent he speaks in fluent Chernorussian back, excited at the prospect of a conversation in his native tongue.*

"Bratře, pokud hledáte někoho z Černorusanů, budete zklamáni. Naše milovaná vlast byla překonána s cizinci. Ve velkých městech může být jen málo lidí, ale cestujte do vnitrozemí a najdete bydlení. Pokud se chcete vypořádat s touto cizí entitou, která se nazývá „Legion Corporation“ a jejich pohřebci vlky, pak vyhledejte staré město Polana. Ať už děláte cokoli, přeji vám dobré zdraví a ať vám Bůh žehná."


"Brother, if you seek fellow Chernorussians then you will be dissapointed. Our beloved motherland has been overrun with foreigners. There may be few people in the big cities, but travel inland and you will find the living. If you care to deal with this foreign entity that calls itself "Legion Corporation" and their lackeys the Wolves, then seek out the old town of Polana. Whatever your action, I wish you good health and may Allah bless you."


"Братřе, покуд хледáте нěкохо з Чернорусанů, будете зкламáни. Наше милованá власт была пřеконáна с цизинци. Ве велкýч мěстеч мůже бýт йен мáло лидí, але цестуйте до внитроземí а найдете быдленí. Покуд се чцете выпоřáдат с тоуто цизí ентитоу, ктерá се назýвá „Легион Цорпоратион“ а йейич похřебци влкы, пак выхледейте старё мěсто Полана. Аť уж дěлáте цоколи, пřейи вáм добрё здравí а аť вáм Бůх жехнá."


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