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RDM/killed for no valid reason

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Server and location: Server 1 Cherno

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  8/8/2019-1:19Am  Standard Eastern time. Server time was:Server time (UTC): 2019-08-08, 05:18

Your in game name:Sergei Petrov

Name of suspect/s: I have no names all I know was they were with the blue armband guys calling themselves Legion 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None

Detailed description of the events:Me and members of the wolf pack where running a guy out of town that was doing some rather inappropriate actions  to a corpse of a recently deceased person and became semi hostile long story short with that we ended up killing the guy as he wouldn't run away and kept insulting myself and the wolf pack. After the man is dead and people start looting his body I grabbed a machete to cut up the body (to remove it as my character isn't a cambial and has never displayed cabalistic qualities) for unknown reasons while cutting up the corpse this guy runs up and starts punching me and kills me in like two punches. not once did I hear anyone say to stop to me and I don't know why multiple punches was needed but in short im very upset at not only the loss of equipment but literal weeks of rp and development of this character. I know I don't have to PK this character but still its just disappointing that this guy had to keep hitting my character. Come to think of it this individual has been a issue for me since an maybe 2 hours  ago id been at the wolf pack/legion joint camp all day everything was fine and I was helping both groups as in game my character wanted to join the wolf pack. At some point this guy decided that I was "annoying" I dunno what I did to him IC but I mean anytime I did something that quote annoyed him hed punch me no real warnings or anything and even threatened to kill me many times for example when my character mocked him on a raid in Mogolevka he said stuff about killing me and then hauled off and punched me. Later after the raid I showed up back to cherno camp and was standing around listening to conversations and some guy run his mouth. well me and this guy where quote "STANDING TO CLOSE TO MY TENTS"  is what he yelled as he proceeded to punch me and this  guy multiple times. Now mind we wernt trying to access the tents to Steal or raid we where simply standing near them. Basically I'm now loosing count of how Maytime's this guy has punched me for no real rp reason other than the fact my character annoys his 😕 now as ive seen with past reports a punch or two isn't really initiation so I've let these punches slide most of the day occasionally my character would say something snippy to him before or after hed assault him. but literally beating me to death over cutting up a corpse makes no sense at all!.  Id also like to point out my character never laid hands on this guy or even attempted to fight him or who ever decided it was okay to beat me to death.

(As a side note I am willing to talk to this person or persons and here there side of the story and maybe get this resolved without anyone getting in trouble but in the meantime I would like the logs pulled to show who punched me all these times and who even if it isn't the fellow I think it is who delt the killing blow.)

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Was me 

You initiated on a dude then tried cutting him up so I said “what the fuck you doing” punched him a couple times and he dropped. Was a mistake.

Other situations don’t matter he was breathing down his mic and was told to stop then he got rude at the mogi camp so I responded how my character and walked away. I told him to get away from the tents because he and the other dude were standing on top of the locks which lead to the other guy actually picking up the code lock making us change again.


sorry for killing you bud can’t help those sort of things when it comes to shitty bugs. If you want to talk it out let me know.

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Well it may have been a mistake but really the constant over violent reactions to anything I did that quite annoyed or pissed off you’re character as for the breathing down my mic I can’t help it currently I’m going though a mild medical issue. Many people made it aware to me OOC that I was and I tried to stop (as I’m not a troll or minge I don’t breathe and scream into my mic for what ever ungodly reason to screw with people or disrupt Rp) I tried text Rping but I mean look at all the people we had in camp tonight I couldn’t type fast enough respoces when people did respond to me and I had a couple friends reach out to me in discord letting me know my text Rp was slow and they where having trouble Rping with me. So I forced myself to speak tonight. While sometimes my Ocs are silly or weird they are intended to bring more quality to Rp with tad bits of comedy they arnt meant to be trolly or minge (tbh I’m still working out a balance) 


but to be honest it’s 2:13 for me rn and I wanna rest on top of I don’t wanna hear my death blamed on a bug and other excuses so I won’t push the report this time but I still do know I’m heavily disappointed in the Rp between the both of us tonight.



(So with that I withdraw my report)

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The staff team have reviewed your request to close this report, and are happy you could work this out, with that being said.


Signed @Realize & @Zanaan

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