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Chernarus........? [Open Frequency]

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Aidan desperately fumbles to insert a battery in the radio he just found. His hands are slick from fresh blood on his hands. He knows he needs to disinfect them but he doesn't care. Even if he did care, how could he disinfect them? He doesn't have anything to disinfect with. Not anymore after last night. He knows his message is more important and if he gets sick and dies, at the very least he had hope in his final moments. Upon inserting the battery he clenches the lever and pushes to talk several times with the same message across several channels. His voice is desperate.

With every push the blood gets drier and sticker until it fully crusts on his hands:

CHERNARUS, Havoc and I have been stuck in Balota for weeks fending off Zombie hordes. They are attacking in waves and just when we've begun to see a way out another horde arrives. When will they stop? Where are they coming from? Who is pushing them this way? We just can't seem to shake this Infected City. Three nights ago a horde mauled me until I passed out. Thankfully, Havoc carried me and what he could of my things to our make-shift camp we've built and nurtured me back to health. Last night upon getting my health back, we finally cleared enough Zombies for a small trip for supplies. Upon returning, we noticed a bandit raided our entire camp. How did they even get past the hordes to carry all of that out of our base? Were they driving? Have people been able to get cars running now? Oh nevermind. Chernarus, There is two of us. After the raid, we don't have any food or medical supplies left. Zombie hordes are coming in succession and the few humans out there are either looting us, robbing us or shooting in the distance. We're tired, we're weak and we need respite. Two people can't go it alone and we need to find others who can help us and who we can help. I don't think we can make it through the night so if you don't hear me again -- we are dead and atleast we are at peace"

Aidan clicks the radio back to the first channel and waits for any message --  He's hopeful there is just one good person out there and if there is not, he hopes he can form a symbiotic relationship with the sick bastards he knows exists out there.

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... the static increases and gets louder but then you hear this voice over the frequency...

"Your lucky your message got to us. We are a NATO deployment currently looking for more strong individuals to assist us. We are here on an humanitarian mission, providing support for the local survivors, but we are also having a hard time. If we can provide any assistance to you...we will be glad. Both of you, stay stafe!"

... ptt released. Silence again...

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