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Další Stránka Media Thread

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Dom at the fire



The men of the woods






Watching the sunrise



Slovak Party






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If I dont see picture of Dominik standing by a tank very soon i will be disappointed

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More pictures added from our trip around Chernarus.

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Dom's keepsake photographs:

The Family photo:Family_Campfire_edit.png.aa497b1e1fff2c9f23470077731b0085.png

Dom and Radomir find a pet deer in the woods:


Dom taking it easy at the camp fire:


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These pictures.. You've created a great scene and then you added to it with the after affects. 

Find yourselves a horde and take a picture of the aftermath, might be a cool photo to have! 

Have your beans for the photos and for the photographer!

Time for ya'll to start the Chernarus Photography club, go around Chernarus enlisting people to pose for you, pay them in beans.

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