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Calling any NATO forces [OPEN FRQUENCY]

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A bored voice crackles onto the old NATO emergency frequency...


"All callsigns, this is Legionnaire Collins. Week... who fucking knows anymore. Any NATO forces still using this channel, respond. Is anyone still out there?"


Some muttering about bullshit cuts out as the PTT is released.

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A voice can be heard over the static...

"Legionnaire Collins, brother, we are glad to hear about you! ... Listen, this frequency isn't secure right now, we are not at a position where we can give out much information. If you are who you say you are, you will know how to contact us! ... We might not have much to offer you, but we will welcome you to our family with open hearts. Stay safe brother! Can't wait to see you!..."

The radio frequency becomes quiet once again...

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*Jamal hears the faint broadcast from the small encampment in the mountains*

Bonjour frère, This is Sous-Lieutenant Jamal Moore with the 2e CIE division there is a small amount of us still in country and carrying out orders from home. Chernarus is hell if you can find your way north and we will find you. Refer to Art.4 with our code of honor.

*He speaks in French before releasing the PTT*

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