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Michael Peach's mysterious broadcast [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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*Your radio suddenly come to life, Michael Peach starts screaming with a creepy voice deep in pain*

"Aaaaaah, the paaaain its too muchh... my wounds, my wouuunds they're all infected.... Loooooord give me the power to take my revenge, I've been hiding inside this goddamn shed for 3 days nooow, things, things aren't going as planned, i was supposed to heal up here, Aaaaall I ever wanted was to give these people a life they deserve, a place where they could live like the old dayss, *pores vodka on his infected wounds* AaaaAaAaAaaAa.. LooOord givee me the power, give me a chance to take my revenge, as my enemies have sinned and most pay for all the brutality they have brought upon these poor people at their wordst time of need... PraaaaAaise, Jesus take me as your servant, as i shall bring peace to these troubled laaaaAands, give me th... the ch.. chance to serve mm..my purpose, then.. then i might die in ppeace"

*His radio dies and the broadcast ends*

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* She'd hear the radio broadcast and she'd pick up her radio and press down on the PTT *

"Jesus, you're still alive? Huh..

I guess may god be ever in your favour."

* She'd smirk and chuckle before letting go of the PTT *

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*He'd press the PTT*

There is no God. If you believe that, you're an idiot.

Either die already or shut the hell up and quit moaning over the radio.

*He'd release the PTT*

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*Miller listens to the broadcast sorrowly, sighs and pushes the PPT button *

" Michael, this is Miller speaking over here, we are all praying for your arrival, may the Lord watch over your pure soul, brother James will bring you the herbal medicines soon.

As we speak before, the transport arrived at the destination with some extra.

The cavalery is on the way and prepared, we are waiting for you."

*Miller released the PTT*

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*Charles takes the radio into his hand and pushes down on the PTT*

"Damn dude, sounds like you got beat up bad. You need some help cause I can probably head up to wherever you are and give you a hand. One more thing, wolf boy calm down man some people still believe in that shit."

*He let's go of the PTT*

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*Larry sighs with disinterest at the strange broadcast before his ear perks up at Phoenyxx's voice. He raises a brow before putting the PTT to his lips, chuckling momentarily.*

"Let me guess, Phoenyxx - anot'er boy wavin' his cock abou' places where it isn't due? You an' yer Pack people seem ta' be slappin' people left, roigh' an' centre! Hah!"

*He releases the PTT*

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