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Reports and allies

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Forgive me if I'm out of line, but since when do people listed as allies of the victim of a rule break have to make their own separate report when all are involved in the same situation?

I'm talking about this report.

This just blows my mind, not calling in allies who were also KoS'd in the same situation and insinuating that they need to put up their own separate report? Are all members involved not obligated to post their PoV?

3 hours ago, Realize said:

@Crimson_Tiger If staff feel as if we need their input they will be called in.
As this report only relays to you potentially being
Invalidly Killed - on sight.


3 hours ago, Crimson_Tiger said:

What about Joey's kill feed? He was KOSed too. So was Martin

10 hours ago, Crimson_Tiger said:

Names of allies involved: Joey Parker, Martin Thompson

Detailed description of the events: -snip-
Then I was killed. Martin was KOSed before I arrived but after I was KOSed, Joey was also KOSed.

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The title for the report was KOS, so I dealt with pulling logs for him being KOS'd, now the title for the report has been changed, the logs will be re done when a gamemaster gets to them, and people will be called in accordingly.

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