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"John Trying to contact Liah's Father on open channel"

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"John presses on the PTT going on different channels"

" Hello my name is John Northwood and Im looking for the father of Liah. I don't know her last name but I need help finding her and to make sure shes safe. Contact me once you get this"

"releases the PTT"

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*The father is sitting next to his daughter, holding her hand. He picks up the radio and presses the ptt.*
"Ahoj, This is her father... She is... not doing well right now. And I am waiting for my doctor friend to come here and have a look at her... I'll... I'll tell you later, ano?"

*He sets the radio down.*

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*Viktor speaks over the PTT solemnly*
"Arnost, it's Viktor. I'm glad you found your daughter. As for doctors, I hope your daughter gets a good one. Never let her go again. Jsi dobrý otec. Bez ohledu na výsledek, Arnost."

*He releases the PTT, and looks back through his Binocs.*

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*Charles pushes down on the PTT*

"Hey uh... Arno I need to tell you something. It involves what you talked about today around the fire. Message me on a private frequency."

*He lets go of the PTT*

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