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"John To Liah" ( private freq)

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John Presses down on the PTT and speaks into his radio

" Liah? this is john...I've been sleeping the pasted few days due to my medication...Are you alright? I haven't seen you for awhile or the others. Get back to me when you hear this"

John releases the PTT

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*Liah struggles to reach for her radio but finally manages to grab it before pressing down the PTT*

"Im.. I dont know.. Im very very tired and my body hurts.."

*Liah sighs as she pulls slightly on the handcuff chain and releases the PTT*

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"pressing down on the PTT again" 

"Liah can you remember how you got to where you are? Also if you heard any city/town names?"

" releasing the PTT button"

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*Presses down the PTT*

"Im not allowed to tell.. But you can contact me on a more private radio frequency! On... Hold on.. I have to check.. On 105,8!"

*She smiles softly and releases the PTT* 

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