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Wolf Pack is Done With Legion [Open Frequency]

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Hutch's voice comes over the radio, sounding distraught.

"As of today, any contracts between Legion and WP are now over, and no more business will be done with Legion. If we do not end contracts, Wolf Pack will die. This is by order of Ryan Shepherd and the District."

The radio returns to static.

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*Coates stares blankly at the radio, his finger hovers over the PTT for a moment as he recalls the events in Novaya Petrovka, he pushes down the PTT*

*A muffled, disguised voice booms over the air*


"We watch from the hills and the Shadows, Wolf Pack. You howl and we'll come to your aid".

*Coates releases his PTT and gently places his radio back onto his vest, loads the rest of his Hi-capacity magazine and waves to the lads,*

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*Moses shoots dagger eyes around at his surroundings, and releases a relieving huff. He'd blink for a moment, peering down at his Radio, before clicking a finger down onto the PTT.*

A strong, perhaps almost booming voice would spread over the air.*


“Operation Custodia no longer has issues with the Wolf-Pack. We'll be sure to see you soon to ensure further negotiations."


*Moses found himself removing his finger from the PTT, leaving a faint buzz on the Radio*



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Posted (edited)

* She'd stop moving, letting the brush settle around her *

"Good try."

"Legion, ill see you for drinks tonight?

Vodka on me."

She'd chuckle into the radio, a smirk crossing over her face before ending the transmission*

Edited by Phoenyxx

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*Jericho sits in the Polana compound standing over multiple Irishmen who lay on the floor, while listening into the radio message he accidentally presses his PTT, the obnoxious and loud sound of a Blueberry Pop-Tart wrapper can be heard as he fixes his post firefight munchies*

"Oh shit, is this thing on? God damn it, well, heard the whole radio thing and I am confused. Why would District let the hostages go like that? Only protection they had from an inevitable mortar strike of grenades from the outside, welp, too late now. But on a serious note, Legion and Wolfpack relations are still intact, unlike some of these here District fellows, who decided to play ball with grenades. Ah, and yes Phoenyxx, we will be there for drinks tonight. In a bit lads."

*Jericho wipes the Pop-Tart crumbs off his plate carrier before letting go of the PTT*

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*Viktor listens, then sighs with relief at the sound of Hutch's proclamation.*
"Sounds like the wolves didn't forget themselves entirely."


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*A man grabs his radio presses the PTT you hear an abnormal voice as if a voice changer is being used*

”Even a puppy has a ferocious bark when it’s masters nearby....don’t give them too much credit they barely leave their playpen in Polana scared that the real big bad wolves will get them....wolf only in name not in deeds”

”Oh and puppy’s don’t bark to much to this I wouldn’t want to strain your delicate vocal cords and fragile physiques”

*The man chuckles to himself and releases the PTT before looking out over Polana in front of him*

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