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To all wolf pack members [Open Frequency]

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*the static hiss from a PTT broadcast could be heard as he began to brodcast*


Yakone had paused biting his lip in deep thought.

"It's been an interesting train of events recently."

*the static would then cut as Yakone had relased the PTT before pressing and holding once again*

"I shot one of them god damned wolf pack members, to be more spesfic the one with the red beret."

He paused returning with a soft voice.

"Seems their not to happy about it. But I only shot because they killed my god damn brother."

The last few words carrying a hiss behind them.

"And if I see one more of you god damn wolf..."

He slightly choked up before continuing on.

"I'll slaughter them like the animals they are." 


*the PTT broadcast would end*

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*He'd press the PTT*

Alright shit head... why don't you have a listen?

You're brother, Clay was it? Yeah sounds about right. Your retard of a brother came into our town numerous times, taunting us and talking all that shit. So you know what happened? I told his ass to get out of town. You know what his dumb ass decided to do? Get sarcastic, continue to be a smart ass, and not leave the town. So you wanna guess what happened next? Myself, and a few Legion Corp pointed guns at his thick fucking skull, told him to start fucking running, and you know what he did? He decided to try and pull a shotgun on 6 highly armed, and highly trained individuals. You know what proceeded to happen next? We lit that mother fucker up with over 100 god damned rounds of ammunition, and left his fucking body to the infected and the crows. You wanna end up like him? 

Keep fucking going down the path you are and you sure as shit will. We have had it up to here with all your little bull shit. You honestly think you and your merry little band of bitches can take us on? Bring it. We have plenty more guns and rounds for your dumb asses too. 

Luka here. Go fuck yourself you little irrelevant sheep. Out!

*He'd take the shot of whiskey, slamming the glass down on the table as he'd release the PTT*

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*Yakone would press down on the PTT before speaking into the radio*


"Ahh... The infamous Lula. Your the one that everyone has been talking about. No wonder everyone but your pack seems to want your head... I'd say your less than sensible to atleast be respectful."


He paused letting some static roll through.


"As for my brother, he wasn't the smartest person here but his death will not be in vein"


*Yakone would then let go of the PTT*

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*He’d let out a small chuckle before pressing down his PTT*

From what I just heard - your brother was an idiot who died an idiot’s death. Don’t let some  budget idea of honour get you killed too.

*He pauses for a second, glancing at the large pile of HR paperwork he has stacked on his desk*

Apples don’t fall far from the tree. Just think about that before trying some indie John Wick shit. We’ll gladly rip the branches of your family tree out, one by one.
Keep running your mouth, you and your brother can get matching ash piles marked Dumb and Dumber.

*A small sigh can be heard, before being cut off by the transmission’s end*

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* She'd smirk to herself, listening to Lawrence and Luka's responses to the man *

"Why should we be respectful to someone who just threatened to slaughter us?

Are you and your fools the ones going up holding up people that even dare to say they like us?"

* She'd pause and she'd stand up from where she was sitting *

"I'll see you soon."

* the transmission would end, static just coming through *

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Fae chuckles slightly, pushing the PTT.

"From what I've heard I'm surprised your brother wasn't killed by accidentally shooting himself in the face or choking on his own tongue or something, 
He doesn't seem too fuckin' bright does he?

Maybe y'all should be more upset at your brother for pulling such a dumb move?
Just a thought."

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Hutch presses the PTT, giggling after Fae's previous response.

"I don't even know who you or your brother are. You talk a lot of shit for someone who doesn't actually pose any kind of threat to us."

You would hear Hutch sloshing around in the small pond near Polana, taking a few gulps out of his hand.

"I don't want to slaughter you and your friends if you even have any, but if you keep running your mouth and threatening our family here..."

There is a slight pause.

"I'll cut your fucking head off."

The radio returns to static.

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