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S2: Combat Logging/BadRP/Blackmail?/ Sosnovka 2019-08-05, 05:15

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Posted (edited)

Server and location: S2 Sosnovka at old Toymaker base

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2019-08-05, 05:15

Your in game name: Vali Kuznestov

Names of allies involved: @Andrew Jackson

Name of suspect/s: @Millie and her basemates (unknown names).

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): BadRP and Blackmail(?)


Discord Chat 

Detailed description of the events: A few hours ago my buddy Luke told me he was robbed and released by some people that said they lived in the Sosnovka area, I did some searching around and found out that they lived in the old Toymaker base. From here my boy @Andrew Jackson went to have a conversation with the people who live here and to scout the base for a raid. When we approach the base we saw a guy in the watch tower staring at us and as we approached the exterior walls there was sounds of people saying "are the gates locked? makes sure all the gates are locked". As we approach Vali decided he was going to hid is identity by using an accent he just heard from Trent Jeager. We then started to have a conversation with the owners of the base and noticed their armband which Luke said they were wearing when they robbed him. I quickly recognized that they were the same people, they were stand-offish as we spoke to them and we simply opted for asking for food. They provided one steak that they threw at us and I RP'ed that it hit me and it hurt. I reacted and was called some names and then then I said, "Don't fuckin insult me dude", Millie then said, "I'm not a dude, dude". Because I was very confused as to who was talking to and who responded I look at the female model which I assumed was just a femininely build guy with a deep voice. That is when she started the // stuff such as; //stop, //i will report you, // I'm recording, //say it again. I believe at this point she began to try and blackmail me which I found comical that she went to that length. Then she said in VoIP, "Out of Character I am going to absolutely fuckin report you leave my fuckin base right now". I was shocked she said that and laughed. I really didn't know how to react since know one has done something like that before. When I said "can I shoot him for that", I asked in discord OOC if I can shoot her for breaking character like that. Right after that we left the base and circled back around to the south tree line where we found one of their men sneaking around us. When we approached him he kept trying to circle around a tree but since there was 2 of us we got him. He said, "What do you want", in which I replied to, "You.. put your fucking hand up or I will kill you". He continued to walk backwards with his gun in his hands facing me at which point I fired on him. About a minute after this we approach the edge of the treeline to look at the base where I see a guy scoping in at us I approach under the cover of a tree within normal VoIP range and pull out my megaphone just to make sure he really hears me and say something along the lines of, "Sorry your guy fucked up. Everyone come out with your hands up and or you will be fired upon, the entire camp is surrounded. You have 30 seconds to come out. Before we begin shooting". They never came out, shot at us, and said anything. Andrew and I pushed against their walls and tried looking thru cracks for about 10 minutes before we started checking the forums to see if they combat logged in which we found out that they did. Shortly after that I messaged Millie on discord about why she combat logged and she said, " You came around spouting transphobia and bad RPing, didn't initiate, killed a friend of ours in the woods without giving him an opportunity to comply. I"m not going to hang around so you can come back and fukcing call me IT again. That's two hostilities in a row today where I've been trashed for being trans. I'm fucking sick of it. I have no obligation to participate in your hatespeech filled garbage". In my defense I would like to ask @Millie how is this Vali spouting transphobia and bad RPing? 

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Posted (edited)

We were on the road out of Kabanino on S1 when we were held up by a group of people that this person Luke was running with. Luke claimed initially to be a Wolfpack member. One of the people in the group asked about my voice and I told him OOC that Millie is a woman. Millicent Bailey is a cis woman, I am a trans woman. He made a comment about me sounding like a guy and I asked him OOC to stop.

Myself,  @Peg4YourBackpack  and @Oskan complied with the hold-up, putting our hands up. The people we'd been walking with got into PVP with the people holding us up. Luke then came back and they held him up, searching him, questioning him, and taking his items. We collected the items from the fallen people we'd been walking with, @Oskan picked up the FAL, and we moved into the woods. I made a point of keeping my gun on my back this entire time. He dropped his radio upon request from one of our allies and I picked it up because I had room in my bags. We discussed a plan to make contact with Phoenix of the Wolf Pack, which he still claimed to be a member of, in exchange for returning his FAL. Oskan, in the mean time, had gone back to pick up one of our other friends who had logged out on the way to Kabanino and they passed us, heading up North without realizing we'd stopped. When we made contact with our people at Jacob's request (one of the guys we were traveling with), we learned that they were way ahead of us so we met in Grishino to return the FAL. We gave him the gun, and his mags, and headed down the road. I was then shot and died.

Returning to our camp on S2 upon respawning, I RPed out an injury to the shoulder and had it treated. Shortly after, two people identifying themselves as "Dean's boys" (the Mafia) showed up at the gate. They asked to come in and I said it wasn't a good time. They asked for food and I had someone throw them down some steaks. One of them said they'd been hit by a steak and it hurt at which point I said don't be a baby. @HDragon then called me dude and I said I'm not a dude. He then antagonized me about my gender, which I asked him to stop doing OOC. If you watch the video, you can see him cracking up about it and continuing on. As you can see on the video, I then told him over voip, indicating that I was talking OOC, to stop and leave or I'd report him to the admins.

He then said he was going to Zelenogorsk, but instead went off into the woods and shortly after told one of my camp members to put his hands up and shot him *immediately* without giving him time to comply. I told the rest of the people in the camp that I wasn't going to deal with his transphobic abuse or entertain it by RPing with him, logged off, and suggested that they do the same. Apparently after this they came back and initiated on what was at that point an empty base.


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Which one of your men wears a dark colored shirt, wears a silver ballistic mask, and uses the SCAR? Because just seconds before I intimated I saw him in the rooftop looking to the west trying to get a view on me after shooting your friend.

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Connection Logs:


04:49:55 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" is connected
- Server Restart/Crash -
06:44:24 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" is connected
07:20:17 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" has been disconnected

04:37:05 | Player "Don Diddy" is connected
- Dead -
05:15:52 | Player "Don Diddy" has been disconnected

03:09:56 | Player "Millicent Bailey" is connected
05:03:32 | Player "Millicent Bailey" has been disconnected

03:52:13 | Player "Logan Button" is connected
05:04:14 | Player "Logan Button" has been disconnected

04:49:00 | Player "Andrew Jackman" is connected
- Server Restart/Crash -
06:44:23 | Player "Andrew Jackman" is connected
06:52:55 | Player "Andrew Jackman" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:


05:00:24 | Player "Don Diddy" hit by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" with AKM from 6.12106 meters 
05:00:24 | Player "Don Diddy" hit by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" with AKM from 6.12106 meters 
05:00:24 | Player "Don Diddy" hit by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" with AKM from 6.12106 meters 
05:00:32 | Player "Don Diddy" hit by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" with AKM from 2.06519 meters
05:44:18 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" hit by FallDamage
05:54:29 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" hit by FallDamage
05:54:40 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" hit by FallDamage
06:52:28 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" hit by is unconscious
06:53:16 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" hit by regained consciousness

Kill Logs:


05:00:24 | Player "Don Diddy" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" with AKM from 6.12106 meters

Building Logs:


05:56:36 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" dismantled Fence with Pliers
05:57:21 | Player "Andrew Jackman" destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw
05:58:08 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" built Fence with Pliers
06:01:06 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" dismantled Fence with Pliers
06:02:13 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" built Fence with Pliers

Chat Logs:


04:53:58 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //stop
04:54:05 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //i will report you
04:54:12 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //i'm recording
04:54:15 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //say it again
04:54:55 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //fuck off with the transphobia
04:55:00 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //I'ms ick of it
04:55:03 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //I've had enough
04:56:02 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //literally had enough transphobic bullshit from you people
05:01:42 | Chat("Millicent Bailey"): //So first you're showing up spouting transphobia and now invalid kills

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@HDragon | Vali Kuznetsov | OP
@dondiddy43 | Don Diddy | 
@Millie | Millicent Bailey | POSTED
@Oskan | Logan Button |
@Andrew Jackson | Andrew Jackman | POSTED

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My PoV: Luke a friend of Valis and mine was held hostage and released by some people that said lived near Sosnovka and we assumed that it was the old Toymaker base. So Vali and I went on over to have a conversation with them and to see if it was possible for us to raid their base. We approached and saw a guy in a watchtower looking at us and I saw others in the base scrambling around to get into positions. Vali and I decided that he would hide his identity and use an accent and let me do the talking. I tried to get them to let us in by saying that we're Deans boys but they wouldn't let us in so we asked for food and they threw it down to us which was when Vali rped it out that the steak hit him. Vali reacted and said some stuff to them calling them names when Mille called him a baby and Vali said "Don't insult me dude" and then it spiraled out of control as Vali asked more questions for Mille who then went and said OOC "I'm gonna absolutely report you leave my fucking base right now" which is a clear break of the rules. I was shocked because I haven't had someone go completely OOC in game while in a roleplay situation so I didn't know what to do for a few second before I said that we would be on our way and head to Zeleno but we instead circled their base and went off into the woods. We saw one of the people from the base and we chased him down because we thought he was sneaking around us an we found him hiding in a tree and he kept circling around it until I got behind him. The guy said "What do you want" in which Vali said "Put your hands up or I will kill you" and the guy kept walking backwards with his gun out so Vali shot him. A minute or two later we go back to the compound and we see a guy looking at us with his hun scoped in and Vali gets close to the compound and says "we killed your friend and for everyone in the compound to put your hands up or your going to die" with a megaphone but everyone in the compound logged out. We looked through all of the cracks and waited for footsteps and eventually Vali went off into the forest to see if they combat logged and they did. After this Vali had a discord discussion with Mille and we broke into their base.

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@dondiddy43 & @Oskan you  have been temp-banned until you post your full and detailed POV  and possible video evidence

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@HDragon & @Andrew Jackson approach the camp west of sosnovka, where they see two individuals standing on the roof of the house inside of the compound, @HDragon starts to RP with the people in the camp and asks them for food, where then the people in the camp hurl a steak in his direction, a conversation then arises with @Millie & @HDragon where @HDragon miss identifies @Millie gender for a male instead of a female, @Millie then breaks character saying ''alright out of character I'm gonna absolutely fucking report you leave my fucking base right now''. After this @HDragon and his allies leave the front of the compound and circle around where they engage in hostile action with one of the individuals of the camp, the individual that they engage with is killed by @HDragon. After this they then approach the camp to raid it and find that the people that were once there have now logged out.

@Millie & @Oskan Both of you logged out during a hostile engagement.


4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.

@Millie While you were in RP with @HDragon you broke character and started talking ooc in voip, this is prohibited within our rules.


3.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you.




@Millie & @Oskan Do not log out during a hostile encounter, if you wish to log out before the 30-minute timer has ended, you can ask the member you are in hostilities with for permission to log out, if they will not give you the permission you will have to wait the 30 minutes.
@Millie Never break character while playing on our server. If there is a reason you feel you need to talk about something ooc while in game then you can use // in chat to do so.

@Millie - Combat logging (CL), Bad RP - 5 day ban, 10 warning points.
@Oskan - Combat logging (CL) - 3 day ban, 10 warning points.

Signed: @Realize & @Derek Steel

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