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Eleazar was born and raised in Yerevan in 1995, he had a rather quiet childhood and was an only child. He was always rewarded by his parents for his good behavior and was raised to truly be a person dedicated to a cause, his parents would always set a goal in-front of him and he'd do anything to fight for it or work towards it. Eleazar did pretty bad at school but his parents always saw the potential in him through the sheer amount of work that he put into his education, even though certain things were too hard for him. He actually struggled but did make it out of senior high with a grade of fourteen out of twenty. He however attended an "orientation" school for his last three years which decided it was for the best that Eleazar would become an electrician. Eleazar wasn't pleased with the idea of becoming an electrician for the rest of his life because that would mean there's no goal to work towards, hence why he decided to join the Armenian army on his 18th year for his twenty four month conscription, which he finished successfully. With what little money he had, he decided to go open up a small business in South Zagoria where he got stuck during the outbreak. While surviving alone, he eventually managed to come in contact with Jericho. Jericho was the man who finally saw some potential in Eleazar and decided to recruit him. After being recruited and trained, Eleazar was officially under the employment of the Legion Corporation, finally having goals to work towards to.


First few days working for the corporation

First few days working for the corporation have been rather interesting for Eleazar, he was recruited by a man named Jericho. He was quickly talked to about all the current contracts and about the position which he would be taking as a fresh recruit within the corporation, he was given a plate carrier and a weapon with a spare mag with ammunition. He was told to only use it only for contract related orders and disobedience related to said orders. Eleazar nodded his head while looking at the ground (being the shy bloke he is) and went on to follow all rules and regulations around his employment. He struggled to grasp onto the concept of rules and regulations even though the apocalypse was surrounded them and he could feel the infected grow, day by day. However, he followed through with his promise to Jericho and did what he should.

First kill



It didn't take long for Eleazar to have to take another human being's life. He was on watch duty while the rest of the corporation had taken hostage a female that had a very disrespectful tone towards the rest of the people who were interrogating her. Eleazar would hear the rest of the men talk about killing her like it was nothing but he knew that they were not kidding. Killing another person is something Eleazar had not done yet and he didn't consider infected as people either. A couple of hours into the capture of the young lady, the interrogation was done and she was released. Eleazar was given the order to escort the young lady outside the town - something he nodded his head to and started escorting the lady outside. As he started escorting the lady outside, he was told that if she runs her mouth again - he should put a bullet into her. He wasn't prepared for what came next and he thought the young woman would know better than to talk back to a man holding an assault rifle while she had little to nothing to protect herself. However as they were exiting town, she let her cockiness get to her and decided to start talking back - testing Eleazar's patience. He remained patient until he was yelled at by her, telling her once again that he will do what he has to if she doesn't lose the attitude and leave - something she did not comply with, leading into him aiming his assault rifle into her chest, firing and instead firing into her shoulder, letting her fall on the floor. Eleazar stepped over her body, staring down at her body, staring deep into her eyes as he'd watch her life slowly leave her body. He then reached for his radio, informing Jericho about his kill. He was told to get rid of the body and simply just take her belongings and stash them away and so he did. Throughout the whole process Eleazar did nothing but thing about the sound the bullet made as it went through her skin and hit her bone and her facial expression as blood started gushing out of her mouth and her wound. However, Eleazar realized that this is what his life had come to and this is something he had to get used to. 

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Dope country.

Neat character, not something you see everyday.

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