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Where is everybody? Where are my friends? [Open Freq]

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*Corey leans over the bedframe in the old, bloodstained room and scooted the old radio towards himself, he opens the back and inserts a large, 9v battery and switches it on.*

"H-Hello? Is anybody out there? I'm looking for my friends. One is incredibly tall, dark hair, a doctor. You can't miss him. The other is a woman, blonde hair. Can't remember the face for the life of me. Hell of an accent, though."

*He paused for a minute, as if he'd lost his voice in an instant.*

"Another thing, where the hell is everybody else? It's been so long since I saw another human. I'm going crazy out here."

*He fiddled with his backpack and the radio and clipped it onto the front, with some earsplitting disturbance coming through the radio.*

"Whoops, sorry about that. I'm gonna stop broadcasting now."

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*The radio call peaks the interest of the bloodied Canadian; He slides off his bed, picking up the radio from his mess of armor vest, jacket, and pantaloon.*

"You're gonna go insane if you don't find somebody to speak to, bud. Polana's not safe right now. I'd recommend looking around the Sobors'. Y'know, the towns. The area around 'em is pretty populated. It's a good a place as any, hm?"

*He slowly slides back onto his stained and bent cot, tapping the case of the radio.*

"You make that noise? Hm. Well, I hope to see you alive and well when I next go looking for strawberry jam, friend."

*The radio clicks off, returning to the floor as the man continues his snooze.*

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