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Winter Lianne

Support For El Paso

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Today marks yet another senseless mass shooting, in El Paso, Texas. So far, at least 18 have been killed, and over 40 injured when a gunman walked into a Walmart with a rifle and began firing.

My heart goes out to El Paso and surrounding communities. But this isn't the end of anything, it's the beginning of something new, something far different. Humans have the ability to kill, but we also have the ability to stand together and love each other regardless of who we are and where we're from. Me personally, I live in Oklahoma. Stand together in this tragedy and heal the community as a whole. Help those who were victims and have lost loved ones. Show the world what Humanity is truly capable of. Love. Stand together, and stand strong. As the United States 16th President Abraham Lincoln said: "United we stand; Divided we fall."

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Agreed it's a great tragedy. 

Sad to see the moral fiber of the country and people break down and become so low that these kinds of crimes are becoming less and less rare. Not just in the US but all around the world the violence is sure to continue and probably rise as time goes on which is sad but i feel like it's the hard truth that people need to realize. 


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My condolences to the victims' relatives and everyone else affected. It scares me how people can extinguish the light of others just like that. An act of evil can never be justified, evil exists only because we are created with free will, we always have a choice regardless of the consequences, a will to do right from wrong. 

May they rest in peace!

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