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Where is Chip?

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*Nikolai would press the PTT*


*He would pause, not knowing what to say*

I... I wanted to ask where is the CTF? We... we were going to make that new shop in... that town. I just got the tools... and I just woke up, after a lot of time... *he pauses again*

Where is Chip? What happened to our radio? It's like the radio got broken, but it's not broken. I can still hear other people, but it's not.. the people.

Did... did something happen?

*he would wait for an answer, too terrified that something may have happened*

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Mikael listens to the voice of the terryfied man and puches the PTT

"This is Mikael, member of the Wolf pack...I hate to be barer of bad news but it seems like Chip is dead. Now keep this in mind I only consither this to be a rumor so far but it is allso the only info I have about Chip. If you find him then please let me know. Stay safe out there"

Mikael releses the PTT

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*Viktor would shout the next words into his radio as the question and answers came through*

"Mikael, if you're in Wolfpack then don't bullshit. You and everyone else in that group knows who killed chip. Word around Chernarus is, it was you assholes. 'All the info you have' my ass."

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