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Bog & Friends: The history of The Lads

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Me, Pete, and Pizza.

I know, it sounds a bit odd: Three men with time to kill and military-grade rifles; An M14, an AKM, and an AKS: Enjoying life, smoking cigs and shooting zeds; We had around two thousand rounds collectively, figured we'd clear out a few towns while we were on the up. We'd been walking for a while, too; Found a farm. Saw the weirdest thing.

A zombie. Not weird, right? Cept it was chasing around a cow. We watched this zombie try, try, and try again to smack this cow; It failed. A lot. Then we saw it get kicked in the chest hard enough to get launched into the air. Bastard must have landed special; Wasnt even hurt on the impact. Just kept going.


Went absolutely flying. Just tossed; Into the air, like nothing you'd ever seen. Naturally, we had a laugh; It's a zombie, getting launched twenty feet into the air by an angry cow. Couple that to witnessing it with a guy you'd only just met yesterday; Some sort of serious Blackwater employee of summat, and you've got a mighty chuckle.

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