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To any followers of the Revolution: [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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Tired from the long day's march, Alexei sits against a wall in a small house on the outskirts of Kabanino.

He sighs softly, before pulling his bandana down around his neck and pressing down the PTT. A heavy mixed Chernorussian-Russian accent comes through the speaker.

"Privyet to anyone who hears this. I am Alexei Fedorov. I was...a member of the great, yet failed, revolutionary war of 2009, and was a stalwart follower of the People's Collective of Chernarus. Da, I am Chedaki, and a communist."

Faint gunshots can be heard from the speaker.

"It has been so long since I have seen any of my comrades, whether it be Chedaki or PCC. I haven't seen a man of the hammer and sickle in so long, I doubt as to whether anyone still follows the teachings of the great patriotic leaders of yesteryear. So, I reach out to any man or woman who sees the world as I do. Any Chedaki, or anyone who thinks the thoughts of Stalin and Lenin, please hear me. You are not alone. I'd like to hear from you."

Alexei sighs, realizing how much of an idiot he is being right now.

"I could also be addressing no one....but I do not care. Nyet, I am not afraid of the fact that I may be the last one still alive. and to any CDF pigs or any fascist scum who prey on the weak and helpless..."

Alexei grits his teeth.

"I am not afraid of you."

Alexei releases the PTT, sighing a third time before shutting his eyes to rest.

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*Viktor Padella grips his radio*

"Tovarish, It is Commander Padella. We have retreated to the Black Mountains. We are not in the area. However there are sympathizers to the cause near you I wish you the best of luck, and we will return one day to bring glory back to the workers of Chernarus. Viva!."

*Padella releases the PTT after playing a short song*



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Relieved to hear from his comrade, Alexei presses his PTT.

"It is good to hear from you, Tovarish Padella. I look forward to seeing you again when the time comes. URA!"

Alexei releases the PTT, smiling for the first time in what felt like forever.

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*A voice that may be recognizable to some reaches the airwaves, a stern chernarussian accent.*


"You should have stayed hidden in your mountains Alexei Fedorov, the hills, the forests, the valleys and the villages, they all chant the same message."


"Sláva Chernarus."


*The voice fades*

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Alexei presses the PTT, talking through gritted teeth.

"Send your men. Send your tanks, your planes, your helicopters. Send all your agents of death. I will be ready to meet them all. and as I watch the sun rise over a truly free chernarus, it will be because Nationalist vermin like yourself have soaked the soil in your blood."


Alexei laughs quietly before releasing the PTT.

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*Kuba presses his PTT, a bunch of men can be heard in the back ground chanting with him*

Sláva Chernarus, Sláva Chernarus, Sláva Chernarus.

*Radio goes silent for a second, Kuba speaks himself*

Sláva Cerna Liska, this is our Chernarus.

*Releases his PTT, the men put on there Balaclavas as they run into the town*

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*Arnòst listens onto the radio, his eye twitching a little. He lifts the radio to his lips and presses the ptt.*

"Ty malý kousek hovna. Nejprve to, že se předchůdci začínali hovno, s každým chernarussianem a teď kurva Chedaki spodina mluvícím na rádiové frekvenci, kázání mrtvé shnilé ideologie. Zbavíme se vás, jako jsme to už jednou, znovu a znovu. Slava Chernarus!"

*He sets the radio down onto the table, looking at the maps on it, before flipping it in anger.*


You little piece of shit. First the foreginers starting shit with every chernarussians and now fucking Chedaki scum speaking onto the radio frequency, preaching the dead rotten ideology. We will get rid of you like we did already once, time and time again. Slava Chernarus!


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Alexei presses the PTT, talking through gritted teeth once more.

"Damn NAPA scum. Come, then. Send everything you can. Me and my Sasha will be waiting for you."

Alexei releases the PTT before standing up, walking out of his house and beginning to march again.

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