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Contracts and More!

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*Micheal would turn on his radio reading off the script given to him by Jericho*

"Hello! this is Micheal, head of the Public Relations team for the Legion Corp inc. as you already know, we take in contracts, security and hits! Today we protected the Wolfpack camp with no losses at all, killing all the attackers!, if you are interested in a veteran team for protection, contracts and more, come and find the blue armbands in Polana Town!. 

*He would turn off his radio and take a sit in the pub drinking a pint*

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*He'd press the PTT*
I can vouch as a member of the Wolf Pack. These men do an outstanding job at what they do. Not only did one of them not fall, but they were efficient enough in working with us that even we didn't lose a single member in the fight. Their protection, their skill, and their teamwork in firefights in unlike any other.

I can hear you fuckers downstairs. I'm coming down for a glass to celebrate.

*The chair could be heard moving against the wooden floor and some footsteps before the PTT is released*

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