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KOS at Polana 7AM 8/2/19

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Server and location: S1, Polana

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Just before 7am Server Time

Your in game name: Viktor Nozokov

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Legion Corporation, unknown guard.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Killed before I could begin recording.

Detailed description of the events: While waiting to talk to the leaders of Wolfpack about possibly joining in Polana, I was hanging around when Legion guys returned. I continued waiting, and when they began making jokes and fun of each other at the gate, I join in. The RP goes south, they act sort of hostile, so I leave. As I leave, I turn to see a guy, gun out, chase after me. I pull out my gun (without aiming) and ask what his intentions are; why he's chasing me. Without any initiation, or any conversation, he replies "Want to pull a gun on me?" and opens up on me. We clear our mags and I escape, find a place to hide before running, and they proceed to sweep the town. What I believe is another member walks up to my small trailer, and finishes me in total silence.
TLDR: Roleplay situation turns sour and I leave Polana, get chased down so I have my weapon out before he gets to me and he opens up without anyone initiating.

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Server time not MST.

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A team of staff members have looked over the report and decided to honour the request of @CocaineLane to close the report.


Signed by @Saunders & @Derek Steel

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