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Server time (UTC): 2020-08-15, 16:12
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S1 : Griefing in Mogilevka 02/08/2019 23:00 - 00:30

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Server and location: S1 - Mogilevka - The Market

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02/08/2019 23:00 - 00:30

Your in game name: Michael Peach

Names of allies involved: Cillian Roberts @arkTern

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 







Detailed description of the events: I loged into the server and saw all the locks removed so figured someone must have raided the place, got inside and found out our 4 barrels where either all stolen (which is highly unlikely) so i assume they were ether ruined on purpose or all the items had been dragged out from them, most of the items thrown on the ground most have despawned by the time i logged in but most of the stuff was on the ground while 4 of the crates where empty so none of the attackers has bothered puting the stuff back in, thats when they had killed our security guard and the place was empty the whole time. Now my entire purpose of rebuilding this place was an attempt to change the atmosphere of the server a little so people can have some actual RP since lately there is nothing but hostile rp and baiting going on but apparently people dont want that, the place has been completely trashed at this point. (i was asleep at the time of the event)

Update : Forgot to mention that the attackers have removed all the locks on the outside gates (which is totally unnecessary cause removing one was more than enough to get in) and they have turned 2 of the gates into walls (screenshot provided in the attached links)

Edited by CptPeach
additional evidence

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Connection Logs:


23:43:56 | Player "David McFearson" is connected
00:25:22 | Player "David McFearson" has been disconnected

23:45:52 | Player "Cillian Roberts" is connected
00:48:41 | Player "Cillian Roberts" has been disconnected

23:40:40 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" is connected
-Still Online-

23:41:22 | Player "Collin Stevenson" is connected
-Still Online-

Position Logs:


22:49:33 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7371.0, 5186.3, 220.1>) 
22:54:33 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7561.7, 5126.9, 213.9>) 
22:59:33 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7541.4, 5142.8, 214>) 
23:04:33 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7580.8, 5140.7, 214.0>) 
23:09:33 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7551.2, 5129.2, 213.9>) 
23:14:34 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7554.2, 5147.3, 214.0>) 
23:19:34 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7557.3, 5148.7, 214.7>) 
23:24:34 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7560.8, 5150.3, 214.9>) 
23:29:36 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7517.7, 5151.0, 214.0>) 
23:34:36 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7555.6, 5146.6, 214.2>) 
23:39:36 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7560.7, 5150.7, 214.9>) 
23:45:44 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7567.3, 5155.1, 214.9>) 
23:50:45 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7550.4, 5158.2, 214.1>) 
23:55:45 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7550.8, 5157.3, 214.1>) 
00:00:45 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7559.0, 5149.0, 214.9>) 
00:05:46 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7560.7, 5150.3, 214.9>) 
00:10:46 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7563.0, 5148.4, 214.9>) 
00:15:47 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7562.3, 5149.0, 215.0>) 
00:20:47 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7567.1, 5149.8, 214.9>) 
00:40:48 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7563.5, 5144.7, 214.9>) 
00:45:48 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7575.7, 4951.7, 199.6>) 
00:50:49 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7479.8, 4494.3, 183.7>) 
00:55:49 | Player "David McFearson" (pos=<7325.6, 4061.3, 134.4>)  

23:50:45 | Player "Cillian Roberts" (pos=<7558.8, 5157.6, 214.9>) 
23:55:45 | Player "Cillian Roberts" (pos=<7559.7, 5149.6, 214.9>) 
00:00:45 | Player "Cillian Roberts" (pos=<5432.9, 4562.3, 231.4>) 

22:34:32 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7178.1, 5111.8, 244.4>) 
22:39:32 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7178.1, 5111.8, 244.4>) 
22:44:33 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7178.1, 5111.8, 244.4>) 
22:49:33 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7178.2, 5111.7, 244.4>) 
22:54:33 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7178.2, 5111.7, 244.4>) 
22:59:33 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7178.2, 5111.7, 244.4>) 
23:04:33 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7259.7, 5224.6, 229.0>) 
23:09:33 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7181.0, 5102.4, 244.7>) 
23:14:34 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7181.0, 5102.4, 244.7>) 
23:19:34 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7180.8, 5102.6, 244.7>) 
23:24:34 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7180.8, 5102.6, 244.7>) 
23:29:36 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7584.3, 5189.6, 214.4>) 
23:34:36 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7541.3, 5082.3, 213.6>) 
23:39:36 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7317.2, 4507.9, 183.0>) 
23:45:44 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7500.5, 5135.5, 214.0>) 
23:50:45 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7570.8, 5182.1, 214.0>) 
23:55:45 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7603.6, 5354.3, 240.5>) 
00:00:45 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7548.7, 5175.7, 213.9>) 
00:05:46 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7558.7, 5148.6, 214.9>) 
00:10:46 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7567.1, 5149.3, 214.9>) 
00:15:47 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7567.1, 5149.3, 214.9>) 
00:20:47 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7563.5, 5156.8, 214.9>) 
00:25:47 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7567.3, 5149.5, 214.9>) 
00:30:47 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7567.3, 5149.5, 214.9>) 
00:35:48 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7563.9, 5146.3, 214.9>) 
00:40:48 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7566.3, 5146.9, 214.9>) 
00:45:48 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7568.9, 4894.0, 201.3>) 
00:50:49 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7460.1, 4444.8, 166.5>) 
00:55:49 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7335.1, 4043.6, 124.4>) 
01:00:49 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" (pos=<7330.0, 3646.1, 21.8>) 

22:34:32 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<6770.8, 5572.1, 342.9>) 
22:39:32 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7549.7, 5125.2, 213.9>) 
22:44:33 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7625.2, 5163.0, 214.4>) 
22:49:33 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7406.6, 5087.6, 218.6>) 
22:54:33 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7560.6, 5124.5, 213.9>) 
22:59:33 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7536.6, 5141.9, 214.0>) 
23:04:33 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7569.9, 5129.0, 213.9>) 
23:09:33 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7551.0, 5127.5, 213.9>) 
23:14:34 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7574.4, 5113.8, 214.3>) 
23:19:34 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7506.6, 5090.6, 214.0>) 
23:24:34 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7561.0, 5159.6, 214.9>) 
23:29:36 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7778.8, 5105.0, 213.8>) 
23:34:36 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7475.7, 4956.3, 214.4>) 
23:39:36 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7166.0, 4039.4, 131.5>) 
23:45:44 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<6856.0, 3489.5, 80.7>) 
23:50:45 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<6922.6, 3574.1, 45.4>) 
23:55:45 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<6632.8, 4502.3, 237.7>) 
00:00:45 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<6466.5, 4719.8, 236.2>) 
00:05:46 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7576.7, 5150.7, 214.0>) 
00:10:46 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7565.0, 5150.6, 214.9>) 
00:15:47 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7566.1, 5155.2, 214.9>) 
00:20:47 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7563.4, 5150.0, 214.9>) 
00:25:47 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7563.7, 5149.4, 214.9>) 
00:30:47 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7561.8, 5148.6, 215.0>) 
00:35:48 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7566.3, 5144.9, 214.9>) 
00:40:48 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7564.9, 5145.4, 214.9>) 
00:45:48 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7565.6, 5150.7, 214.9>) 
00:50:49 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7520.1, 4857.6, 208.9>) 
00:55:49 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7481.2, 4388.5, 171.5>) 
01:00:49 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7587.1, 3970.8, 56.7>) 
01:05:50 | Player "Collin Stevenson" (pos=<7465.0, 3552.9, 5.9>) 

Building Logs:


22:58:39 | Player "David McFearson" dismantled Fence with Pliers
23:00:15 | Player "David McFearson"  dismantled Fence with Pliers
23:01:49 | Player "David McFearson"  dismantled Fence with Pliers
23:16:30 | Player "David McFearson"  destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw
23:22:10 | Player "David McFearson"  destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw
00:06:32 | Player "David McFearson"  destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw
00:09:18 | Player "David McFearson"  built Fence with Pliers
00:18:45 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" destroyed Fence with Hand Saw 
00:35:27 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" destroyed Fence with Hatchet 
00:14:54 | Player "Collin Stevenson" dismantled Fence with Pliers 
00:16:34 | Player "Collin Stevenson" built Fence with Pliers 
00:44:57 | Player "Collin Stevenson" built Fence with Pliers 
01:07:42 | Player "David McFearson"  placed Barrel
01:09:39 | Player "Matt O Gallagher" placed Barrel 
01:12:51 | Player "Collin Stevenson" placed Barrel 
01:13:45 | Player "Collin Stevenson" placed Barrel 

Calling in for POV's:

@CptPeach | Michael Peach | POSTED

@arcTern | Cillian Roberts | POSTED

@DavidBakon | David McFearson | POSTED

@MericanSquishy | Matt O Gallagher | POSTED

@BinReborn | Collin Stevenson | POSTED

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have

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As @DavidBakon has not visited the forums since Monday he will be temporarily banned until he provides his full, detailed POV and any video evidence he may have.

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I was at the situation. I will post what POV I do have because we did nothing wrong in my eyes and didn’t save much of it. Now,

1.we made the gates fences to secure the compound so no one could push us without us knowing. 

2. We did not destroy the barrels so you can take that out the equation. 

3. We tried to stuff as much stuff as we could back into your crates. Sorry but not all of it would fit.

4. I killed your “security” because 1. He did not comply when he was outgunned and ran into the building so therefore was killed. Since he did not comply and decide to not RP with us, we took more than we intended to. After he ran into the building we tried talking to him and he was silent. So talk to your “security”.


Also there is a possibility that since all your locks were cut that someone came behind and took some more stuff. That we can not control. 

Edited by MericanSquishy

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Added logs for @MericanSquishy and @BinReborn as they were part of the raid on the base.

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I was also in this situation and can recall in detail what happened.


1. We gained entry to your compound and decided since there was 3 entrances to the compound we can up with a tactical plan in order to give us the best possible defence. We would open one of the gates and take the locks from the rest of the gates in order to funnel any defenders to one area of the compound that was easy to defend. In doing so we ruined our plyers.

2. I set off back to our HQ to bring a second pair of plyers, so after we had successfully raided your base we could ensure your group could gain access back to your base. While I was making the trip back with another hacksaw and plyers. your "Security guard"  logged onto the server inside your base.

3. He was initiated on by 2 people, at the time he yells "I cant see you" at this point one of my team shows his location in order for your man to successfully see he cant do anything and should surrender, At this point we could begin RP and sort this situation out within Role-Play.

4. For my next point ill quote to accuser,


Now my entire purpose of rebuilding this place was an attempt to change the atmosphere of the server a little so people can have some actual RP

if this is the case, would it be possible to answer when clearly outgunned your "security guard" decided that he wouldn't surrender and run into the building not valuing his life in the process which is a clear rule break and in my opinion the only rule break during this entire raid.

5. After a 10 min stand off with your security guard when he was in a clear 3 vs 1 situation he still refused to give up, even considering we were willing to RP the situation and only maybe take a few items of higher quality then were currently had (Which was the point of the raid). David opened the door to your compound which outside contained 3 armed men, your security guard then ran out the building in order to kill David. He was then killed straight away again not valuing his life.

6. now we were almost certain he would have passed on information he would never have been able to get out in that 10 min stand off if he would have followed the rules and complied with his original surrender instruction. As a result we had to move fast before your reinforcements showed up.

7. After getting into the compound, we looked through your gear and took guns and ammo, We also decided that since your man tried to clearly break rules in order to save his gear which was totally against the server rules we would take 3of your barrels. I spent the next 15 mins putting your gear even the pointless items into spaces in the empty crates which I don't feel I was obligated to do since your group had already broken sever rules in order to prevent us from raiding you in the first place.

8. I will admit I dropped around 10 items on the floor I could not fit in your crates, I selected items that you had multiple of so that you would not be out of pocket. Items such as screwdrivers, knifes and ropes etc. I even then put your combination locks that we took from the gates and the wires and put them back into your storage so you could reapply them to your gates. I would have done this myself but I was in fear that your guy had metagamed and was trying to get people to defend the base considering he had already broken rules.

9. I did however fix and make sure you had access to your compound and could can back into it when you or the guy we killed returned to your base.

10. we only took 3 of your barrels so its clear to me that your base was raided a second time and these people were not as kind as myself and threw most of your items on the ground. Unfortunate we cant take responsibility for what people do to your gear after we left your compound as it was of course unlocked.


In review I cant stress enough me and my friends are experienced role-players and understand and will always ensure that we follow all the rules the server provides us with. In addition we will always try to roleplay situations out rather then go straight to violence as this of course is a roleplaying server after all, I suggest @CptPeach look a little closer to home in terms of rule breaks as it was in fact his group not following server rules (I Believe a video is owned by one of the raiders showing this fail rp and non vaule of life)  as a matter of fact we did consider reporting this player ourselves for his rule breaks but decided that since we won with no loss we would not bother with such a report.


Kind Regards,



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Sorry to keep adding stuff on, but I’m replying on my phone from work. I just saw the screen shots from steam. We did not damage the integrity of the outside fences, only the ones inside so we could move around.  When I get home and able to upload my screenshots and small clip of your “security” running from the situation, you will see that it was already damaged.

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unfortunately my shadow play did not catch the beginning of the RP, but like I stated the wall was already broken when we arrived. 


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What would that prove if he did? exactly what he said what we did...I think you are looking for things now. You're "security" failed, he didnt value his life, failed to talk with us when we gave him multiple chances. People get raided, I've been raided...rebuild and move on. Learn from the failure of your current design.

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1 minute ago, MericanSquishy said:

What would that prove if he did? exactly what he said what we did...I think you are looking for things now. You're "security" failed, he didnt value his life, failed to talk with us when we gave him multiple chances. People get raided, I've been raided...rebuild and move on. Learn from the failure of your current design.

First of all learn not to spam the report, second of all im not looking for anything, we have to see his side of the story as well since he was directly involved in the event and you have been accusing him for fail rp.

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Spam? Im replying to you first of all....second, im pretty sure @BinReborn doesnt have a recording he would have posted it. As he also stated, I was the one with fragments of the raid. And I'm pretty sure when you have 2-3 guns pointed at you, then you run into a house and end up dying because you didnt value your life...is failRP. 

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This report concerns the griefing nothing else, if you want to report something else then you are more than welcome to make a new report.
Any more veering of from the reports original topic, will result in warning points being issued.

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POV: logged in... a guy was in the side room that I went into last night, which is where i spawned... i was like "oh hey" ... he kind of fumbled, didn't really respond, and headed out of our base, then he stood by one of the gates and the two of them didn't respond really (I assume they were busy metagaming and talking on discord), i ran in and out a couple times of the building... asking like who they were.. "are you robbing us?" then they jumped in to a kind of initiation where they gave me three seconds to put my hands up or I die... At that point I ran inside and hid, telling them to go away... this is bullshit etc... and they just kept telling me to come out and they'd let me go, but they had guns drawn so i just guarded the base untill one opened the door and the other shot me from some hidden vantage point


also I think they are totally incorrect in saying I rule broke by not "valuing my life". I think it's perfectly feasible to not trust two armed strangers who were, by that time, throwing grenades outside... at that point its pretty fifty fifty in terms of believing or not. after being silent and hiding as a frightened market owner would.. i opened the door and they shot me from a distance. Obviously banditry is what it is, i think they're wrong in saying i broke a rule by not valuing my life. Character choices vary based on the personality, not on some robotic bandit role play where they automatically get to control my actions because i'm "outgunned" (which how could i know that, all i knew was there were two of them..) Anyway, again I understand bandits are part of the world we're building here, and i'm grateful to them for not dead dropping apparently. Just not looking forward to dragging all those barrels back in again lol. I think the only real issue here is the griefing anyway and that's a confusing aspect because I was dead at that point. Thank you! 

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Since this conversation is more drifting off in another direction ill just state that tonight if we have a saved copy of the non value of life we will make a separate report for that.


Getting back to the topic of this report, As stated previously The gates were altered in order to funnel any aggressors or defenders in one part of the compound for our characters safety, We all take our characters life very seriously when playing and will tactually maximise the chances of us living in any situation, As should every player. Now I could understand if we blocked your base off completely. Yes that would be greifing but that's not the case here. Your gate was put back on by myself and the combination locks placed back into your storage. Personally I see no issue with what we have done.

Since we decided to raid you and take 3 of your 4 barrels we did this considering that we never want to leave players with nothing at all. in doing this I spent a large proportion of time placing your items that were in these barrels into crates that you had in the corridor and in the other room you had blocked off. as previously stated I did drop some items on the ground that I was physically unable to put back into your storage, these were items I found you have 3-5 copy's of such as shovels and shoes. At no point did we leave any guns or ammo on the ground to despawn out of the game. So I feel that stops your argument for greifing.

It would also seem from your claims that all your barrels were taken, unfortunately we can not take reasonability for what happened after we left your compound. you were obviously raided again and they pretty much cleaned you out as far as I can see from your screenshot as you have crates missing as well as a barrel.

In summary I am pleased that @CptPeach can clearly see we have not greifed in any way this was a simple raid, I am also confident that although his character wants to open some sort of trading centre and be in general good, This is RP server which all players no not have to adhere the same style of morality. Unfortunately raiding is part of the game and I hope he doesn't report players solely based on the fact they are more raiders and he wants the server to be more friendly. In my experience of any sort of Roleplaying server including this one you will bump into friendly people but likewise you will bump into people whom want to rob you, you have to take the good with the bad. But you cant complain if the roleplay doesn't go the way you would like it to go because like In IRL people are different so you cant expect to get your way every time.




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2 days ago. I, @MericanSquishy, and @BinReborne decided to raid this base. I was the only one who could manage to get into the base. I deconstructed the gates and rebuilt them so my friends could get in. I spent about 30 minutes cutting through the two locks on the front door, meanwhile my friends were covering me. After getting through those, i scouted the rest of the inner base before getting in. We also ran out of hacksaws, as we didn’t anticipate there being 4 doors. So I couldn’t get to their stuff.

A guy spawned in, and said hello, I was caught off guard and ran out of the front door as I though of was to say because i’m stupid 😂. At this point I finally decided to say that he needed to come out with his hands up and open the last two locks, he didn’t comply as he sounded confused. That’s when @MericanSquishy initiated. The man didn’t comply and ran into the house, so he shot at the man. From this point on, the guy in the base didn’t respond or say anything. So we tried to force him out. I really didn’t say anything for a while because @MericanSquishy did the talking as my character is a quiet one and would rather not speak unless needing to, and knowing what I need to say.

Finally we noticed he was held up in the hallway and totally unresponsive. So i opened the door, he pushed me, and @MericanSquishy covered me and killed him. He had a hacksaw on him so we continued into the compound with his hacksaw. Took some guns, ammo, 3/5 of his barrels, and the tent. And spent a good 15-20 minutes putting his stuff on the ground back into his crates (I’m sure you can see that in the logs). Then we left, Obviously leaving the doors and gates unlocked.

Later on @MericanSquishy went to a nearby hill to overlook the same area, and noticed another group was going into the base (we assumed it was the same group who owned it until we didn’t see any orange arm bands). I’m positive that is anything was left out or despawned from that point, it was due to them leaving it all out (I’m sure you can see all that in the loggs too). I haven’t been available since then dude to work.

Thank you for listening to all sides of the situation. I appreciate the thorough review.

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@DavidBakon your temp ban has been removed.

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@MericanSquishy, @BinReborn and @DavidBakon spot a base within a compound in Mogilevka and decide to steal from it. They notice that there are multiple gates located around the camp and devise a plan to break all three of the combination locks off the fences and to turn the gates into fences so that should the base owners turn up their defences would be bolstered due to there not being so many entrances for the camp owners to attack them from. During this completion of this part of their plan they realize that they do not have enough pliers to turn the fences back into gates once they had left so DavidBakon begins to make a trip back to his base in order to bring more pliers back. During this time @arcTern logs into the game and is met by MericanSquishy and Binreborn who then initiate on him. Arctern runs away and hides, after a 10 minute stand off of the raiders trying to get the Arctern to come out they give him the option to come out or die to which Arctern does not comply and is shot and killed.  The raiders then begin to rummage through the camps hidden treasures, stealing weapons, ammo before deciding to move items from three barrels into crates so that the barrels could be taken with them. With no space left in the crates and approximately 8 items (which include, a spade, a car battery, screwdriver, knife, rope and a pair of shoes) left in one of the barrels they make the decision to drop them on the floor. Before leaving they decide to turn as many of the fences that they had changed back into gates and re-attached the combination locks, leaving the other wire and combination locks in the crates for the base owners to find and fix once they return to their camp. The raiders return to their own camp with the guns, ammo and barrels they have stolen.


@MericanSquishy @BinReborn @DavidBakon as we can see from the logs only two walls were dismantled which we have deemed to be not excessive, breaking walls to gain entry to a base for gear is completely acceptable.

Whilst the you did destroy three combination locks and turn those gates into fences, your explanation as to why you did these things has been deemed to make in character sense to the situation you found yourselves in at the time. In addition to this, you turned as many of the fences back into gates as you could given the equipment that you had, as well as leaving the other equipment for the base owners to do the rest themselves upon their return. Although you had every intention to turn the fences back into gates, you did not have enough equipment to turn all of the gates you turned into fences back into gates. In future, we highly recommend that you only do this if you know that you can change all of the them back.

As you transferred most of the items from the three barrels that you wanted to steal into the crates that were at the camp and only left a few items that are easily replaceable on the floor, the staff team have come to the conclusion that this is not deemed as griefing. However, had these items been of more value or more items were left on the ground, this wouldn't be the case. In future, you should make the effort to put all things back before leaving the area.

Lastly, you were accused of destroying the barrels but as the logs clearly show, you place down three barrels at another location which proves that you did not destroy the barrels but did in fact steal them with the intention to use them for themselves. 

With everything that has been presented to us, the staff team have come to a conclusion to deem the accused party not guilty. We do however hope that the accused party take our advice on board to stop future incidents like this from happening again.


@MericanSquishy - Griefing - NOT GUILTY
@BinReborn - Griefing - NOT GUILTY
 - Griefing - NOT GUILTY

Signed by @Saunders & @Voodoo

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