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To anyone that can help

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*mary painfully speaks through the radio taking time to think before saying words*

"dr river .. dr dimitri... or anyone who can help. I umm I've been in an accident a fellow medic patched me up but they say I urgently need a doctor. I hit my head really hard and it's hard to think at times the medic examined it said I have some neurological defects but hope's it's just because the trauma to my head was so soon."

*holds her head tenderly where her face is swollen and bruised and a bandage is wrapped around her head*

" oh god my head hurts, it hurts so much the headaches getting worse and I cant think, I can't focus, I'm scared I keep forgetting things, please help I have friends watching out for me but I need a doctor"

*mary releases the PTT slowly putting it on her nightstand before succumbing to sleep*

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*Dr. Dimitri listens in worryingly and checks his surroundings before pressing the PTT*

"Ahoj Marie. Where are you? What exactly happened? I will come as fast as I can and see if I can bring some friends of yours"

*As he releases the PTT you could hear slight laughter in the background, probably from someone else*

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*Dr. River hears Marie on the radio as he gets into the car. He stops for a second but then takes the radio and presses the PTT*

"Mary, it's Dr. River. Tell us where you are, or get the person who helped you to contact me on a frequency. I can head to you and check you out. I'll contact another doctor who can help out too. Stay awake, and get someone else to contact us as well encase something happens. Keep me updated on a location.

*Dr. River releases the PTT as he changes frequencies* 

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*mary slowly awakens and the pain hits her like a thousand knives, she fumbles into her bag for pain medication taking two and some water she grabs the radio and speaks*

"Dr River, Dr Dimitri its... it's so good to hear your voices, I don't know, I don't really remember, my friends told me i fell from a cliff and that the surface I was on became unstable and lose it was up north. I dont remember the trip they said I was unconscious when they found me and when I came back around had to relocate my dislocated fingers back in place and that knocked me out and they carried me back home.

*takes a loud gulp of water and continues *

They told me not to tell their location, I was told not to go anywhere but I can try  and get to a town I dont know I think they are sleeping I will have to ask. 

*releases the PTT button and slowly gets up to look around to see if people are up or asleep*

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*Takes the radio once more* 

"They don't sound like good friends then, or do not care on your health. They need to tell us your location, or get them to help you to a town. I need a place so we I can take a look at you. DO NOT travel alone, take someone with you. Tell me a location and I can head out there today."

*Releases the PTT*

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*Jona picks up his radio and presses the PPT while he watches the sun rise over the horizon.*

"Ah, dobre den, Marie. Is bad to hear that you are not okay. Rocks are a slippery business, thats for sure.
Good thing you are still alive though. You know where me and Black Bird usually roam around, but in case you need help
or an escort to a doctor when your friends are concerned to reveal their location, hit us up and we will help, ano?
Is no problem for us to travel a bit to help out a friend, eh?

Stay safe and get healthy, Black Bird and Grey Fox out."

*He lets go of the radio and returns to his work.*

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*He looks at the radio with tired eyes. He sighs and picks it up pressing the ptt*
"Ahoj, Rivers. We do care for her health. But we also care about our safety. I'll contact you when we are awake and I'll help her to see you. ano? I helped to carry her from the cliff, and nurtured her wounds to best of my extent. I'll, contact you."

*He sets the radio next to him, getting up and looking through the window to the house where she sleeps.*

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*Dimitri replies*

I promise you that we are her friends and want to do her no harm, and only give her the best care, ano?

*static sound can be heard as he releases the PTT*

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